Workplace injury claims

Workplace Injury Claim Investigations

Accidents at Work

When an employee is injured at work it can lead to him or her requiring time off to recover. Or, in more extreme cases it can sadly mean the end of his or her working career. These accidents could be at the fault of the employee for not working safely, cutting corners or not wearing the correct PPE. Accidents could also be the fault of the employer. This could be for not implementing the correct health and safety procedures, not providing the correct PPE, not allowing sufficient breaks or not conducting health and safety spot checks. The list goes on, and it is only right that the employer pays out in the form of a compensation claim if an employee suffers an injury. 

However, some (not all, but more than you would expect) employees fabricate or exaggerate workplace injuries purely for financial gain. The majority of the private investigations we take on at Sentry Investigations Ltd involve workplace or personal injury insurance claims. The extent at which some people go to in to submit fraudulent workplace injury claims is shocking to say the least. Some cases can be trickier than others to prove dependent on the type of injury claim they are expecting a pay-out for, but generally we can wrap up an investigation and prove fraud with a single day of surveillance. 

No Win, No Fee

Fraudulent employees tend to be drawn to the flashy adverts currently running on TV, radio and online which advertise 'No Win, No Fee' for injury claims. Advertisements like these are very dangerous for business's, but very tempting for employees for a quick pay-out. If there is nothing to lose, why not? Or so they think...


If an employee submits an injury claim and we prove it to be entirely false, not only will he or she not receive the pay-out they had banked on, they are also going to lose their job with little chance of finding a new one. Furthermore, depending on how far an employer wants to pursue the busted fraudster, the employee could find themselves in court pending a potential criminal record. For the most part, employees just want to go to work, complete their job, go home and get paid at the end of it. But unfortunately there are plenty other employees out there who wouldn't think twice about claiming thousands of pounds against their employer for an accident that never happened. Sentry Investigations Ltd are here to combat fraud and assist businesses when these suspect claim forms land on their desk.

Fraudulent workplace injuries

Fraud Prevention


CCTV systems can be found in most businesses these days as they are highly effective for a whole host of reasons when protecting sites etc. Having CCTV coverage across a whole site will make it very difficult to fabricate an injury claim purely because the supposed incident will be all caught on camera. The fraudulent employee will have to display some very impressive acting skills to pull it off but then also continue with the drama until he or she receives a pay-out. CCTV is highly effective, but an employer must by law ensure that all employees are aware of the fact that they are being monitored.


H&S Auditing

A company must by law produce and implement a health and safety policy if the company employs five or more people. Within that policy, provision must be made to ensure regular audits and site inspections are conducted. The most common form of injury at work are slips, trips and falls, and if an opportunist fraudulent employee sees a dangerous cable running across the floor, he or she may just make a case for it. If regular site audits are conducted and issues are acted upon, very few opportunities will arise for these employees.

Health and safety audits


Provide your employees with correct Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and check regularly to ensure it is actually being worn. If an employee is constantly asking for PPE and receiving it, you may find yourself with a disgruntled employee forced to work in dangerous conditions that may become fed up and submit a claim. Likewise, be vigilant and make sure the staff are wearing the kit the company has paid for and provided to them. No one wants to see anyone actually being injured at work.



As employers you should build positive relations with the staff. Treat the staff well and pay them fairly. No one likes working for a boss who treats them unfairly and is unpleasant to work for. If you have positive relationships with the staff, you will likely get the best from them and they will think twice before jeopardising the relationship. Pay the staff well. This doesn't mean over-paying them, it means paying them a sufficient amount where they are unlikely to submit a fraudulent workplace injury claim. This generally means paying more than the national minimal wage which we all know is not enough for anyone to live comfortably.

Employer relationships
Hire a Private Investigator Birmingham

To hire a private investigator Birmingham for need of evidencing the true extent of an employee's alleged injuries, contact Sentry Investigations Ltd. You may be reading a suspected fraudulent claim form with the expectance of reluctantly paying out large sums of money for it. Rather than just accepting and paying out, get it thoroughly investigated beforehand by a competent private detective firm. We deploy highly trained surveillance operatives who focus entirely on the specifics of the employees claim. Whether it be a catastrophic injury, or a broken finger nail, we will evidence the truth which in turn allows employers to proceed in decision making with confidence.