When an employee is injured at work it can lead to him or her requiring time off to recover or in more extreme cases, it can sadly mean the end of his or her working career. These accidents could be the employers fault for not implementing the correct health and safety procedures, and it is only right that the employer pays out in the form of a compensation claim. 

However, some (not all, but more than you would expect) employees fabricate or exaggerate workplace injuries purely for financial gain. The majority of cases we take on at Sentry Investigations involve workplace or personal injury insurance claims, and we can say with confidence that 9 out of 10 claims we investigate are entirely fabricated. 

If you need to contact a private investigator to evidence the true extent of an employee's alleged injuries because you are reading a suspected fraudulent claim form and are expecting to reluctantly pay out large sums of money, get it thoroughly investigated beforehand. We deploy highly trained surveillance operatives on the ground who focus entirely on the specifics of the employees claim. Whether it be a catastrophic injury, or a broken finger nail, we will evidence the truth through covert means.  

Below is a typical example of a fraudulent workplace injury. There is no doubt that the male caught on camera in the US was planning on submitting a claim against his employer. Incidents like these are not usually caught on camera which is why surveillance is required to evidence the extent of the claimants alleged injuries.


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