With our head office based in Birmingham, we regularly find our selves providing investigative services to neighbouring Wolverhampton. From the Molineux Stadium to Banks Park to the Wild Zoology Park, our operations really do lead us to some interesting places. Our local knowledge of the area gives us the upper hand with our surveillance investigations meaning we can be one step ahead of the subject as things progress.

We can boast a high success rate with our Wolverhampton operations which is all down to (as previously mentioned) our local knowledge of the area, the highly trained operatives we deploy on the ground and the state of the art equipment we operate with. 

Sentry Investigations believe in fair pricing for investigative services and we are open and transparent about the costs involved from the beginning. Visit our Pricing page to see our full service price list. We will endeavour to keep costs as low as possible, and clients are often surprised to find that sometimes alternative service options can provide the same results but in a far more cost effective way. 

Some investigations need to progress one step at a time. We conduct regular consultations completely free of charge to ensure our clients are absolutely clear on what stage of the investigation we are at.

If you need to contact a private investigator in Wolverhampton, get in touch with us to discuss you options.

Visit the Express and Star for the latest news and updates in Wolverhampton.

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