Private Investigator Wellingborough

Private Investigator Wellingborough

Who We Are

Sentry Investigations Ltd are Birmingham based investigators operating across the West and East Midland regions. We have been operating since 2013, offering services to both the private and corporate sectors with our effective, confidential investigations. 

The Managing Director of Sentry Investigations Ltd has an extensive HM Forces (British Army) background having served operationally across the world and throughout the UK. The professionalism and disciplines acquired during the term of service is what built the foundations for Sentry Investigations Ltd, which is now going from strength to strength. 


Sentry Investigations Ltd are highly trained, qualified and experienced industry experts, offering desktop and physical investigative services to the private and corporate sectors. Sentry Investigations Ltd are on the approved members list of investigators for The Association of British Investigators. Our operatives are selected primarily with military, police or other government agency backgrounds.      

Wellingborough Information

Sentry Investigations Ltd operate regularly in the Wellingborough area. With its close links to Rushden Lakes shopping park, our subjects take advantage of the leisure facilities it provides giving us high success rates with our investigations. Wellingborough also has a train station (which are few and far between in Northamptonshire) which often progresses our operations to other parts of the country further afield.


We conduct all types of surveillance investigations in Wellingborough, including suspected fraudulent workplace injury claims, suspected infidelity and we deploy discreet GPS vehicle tracking devices where required. With our knowledge of the local area, this gives us the upper hand during mobile observations.

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Hire a private investigator in Wellingborough

Private Detective Wellingborough

Private Detective Wellingborough

Sentry Investigations Ltd offer corporate and private investigation services across Wellingborough and the further East and West Midland regions. We provide effective solutions uncover hidden truths at affordable rates. Sentry Investigations take pride in the high success rates that we maintain, and the excellent customer service we provide to our clients. Click the links below for more details surrounding some of the private and corporate investigations we have to offer.

Private Investigations



GPS Tracker Deployments

Trace Searches

Personal Injury Fraud

Fly Tipping Investigations

Counter Surveillance

Corporate Investigations

Workplace Injury Claims



Employee Theft

TSCM Bug Sweeps

Brand Protection

Background Checks

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Private Investigator Prices

The prices associated to Private investigations in Wellingborough can vary significantly depending on which investigator you approach. Unfortunately, in this industry (like most industries) you will find people that will try to squeeze every penny out of a clients pocket and provide a service that doesn't necessarily reflect the price. Sentry Investigations Ltd are open and transparent from the beginning with service prices, and we have ensured our prices are set at competitive and affordable rates across the board. We are not just affordable, we are also highly trained and experienced. Furthermore, we are on the approved list of investigators for The Association of British Investigators, the most well known and trusted industry association. We uphold the professional standards required by the association and we ensure our services are professional and GDPR/legally complaint at all times. 

See below our guide list of investigation service prices. For more pricing information visit our Pricing page or, request a quote.

Surveillance - From £225

GPS Tracker Deployments - From £150

Static Camera Deployments - From £160

Trace Searches - From £170

Background Checks - From £350

TSCM Bug Sweeps - Consultation required

Private Investigator Wellingborough Prices