Sentry Investigations provide highly effective people tracing services. Whether you are looking for a long lost friend, distant family member or someone who is in debt to you, we search live and accurate data bases to pinpoint the whereabouts of said person, thus allowing you to reconnect with him or her. Our trace searches rely on the person to have left some form of footprint linking to the address of which they are residing or previously resided in to allow us to confirm a location. All of our trace searches are conducted through open public registers which non investigative persons may not be privy to, and you can be assured the process is entirely legal. There are no guarantees with trace searches but in this day in age, it is very difficult to live without leaving a digital footprint, and as such we do have a high success rate in locating missing people.


We generate detailed reports with our trace search services and hand them over upon completion of our findings. The time frame of searches are can be dependant on the amount of information we are provided with during the consultation period, but in general a trace search can usually take within a few days and up to a week to complete. Please be aware that some searches can take significantly longer should we be looking back into records over 30 years ago (pre-online records), as relevant paper records will need to be sourced.

Sentry Investigations will at no point make them selves known to the subject of enquiry unless the client has given prior permission. And at the same time, to protect the privacy rights of the subject, his or her location will not be given to the client unless he or she has also given consent (post trace consent). This is applicable to missing friends or long lost family members (over the age of 18). Should you be tracing a debtor for example, consent is not required as you would have a lawful basis for wanting to locate the debtor.


If you have any questions or would like to discuss a trace search in more detail, get in touch with us and we will be happy to talk you through your options.




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