Sentry Investigations provide highly effective people tracing services at affordable rates. Whether you are looking for a long lost friend, distant family member or someone who is in debt to you, we search live and accurate data bases to pinpoint the whereabouts of people our clients are trying to locate. Our trace searches rely on the missing person having left some form of digital footprint linking to the address of which he or she is residing at, or previously resided at in order to allow us to confirm a location. All of our trace searches are conducted through open-source public registers which non investigative persons are unlikely to be privy to, and you can be assured the process is entirely legal. There are no guarantees with trace searches but in this day in age, it is very difficult to live without leaving a digital footprint. This means there is a very high likely-hood we will locate the person you are trying to find and as such, we have great success rates with these types of investigations. 

In the corporate sector it is common for businesses to hire a private investigator to conduct trace searches in order to locate people indebted to their business. For example, a tradesman who was hired to refurbish a store and paid an upfront fee but then never showed up to complete the job. You as a business owner will want to know where this person is to try to either get the tradesman to work, or get your money back. Another example, and a case that we took on in 2020 was where a father owed a private school in Northamptonshire a large sum of money for his son's tuition fees covering two terms. The father failed to pay and moved address without notifying the school and they quite understandably wanted to settle the bill. We ran an initial search for the father but as the move was so recent, we had to wait a few weeks to give him time to leave digital footprint at his new address. Eventually we did locate the father, and the school filed court proceedings against him to recover the outstanding debt. 


Private sector trace searches generally have a more emotional aspect attached to them. With social media now playing a part in most people's everyday lives, it is easier than ever to reconnect with long lost family, friends and loved ones. That being said, not everyone has social media accounts, especially the older generations. Also, with privacy being such a huge concern for people these days, it is often the case that account privacy settings are configured in way in which you are unable connect with people that do have accounts. We were contacted by a client in 2020 who was desperately trying to locate her brother to inform him of their mother's death. She informed us that he was in his 80's, very set in his ways and very unlikely to even have a computer let alone a Facebook account. She knew her brother had moved out of the area following a family dispute 6 years prior to making contact with us, but had no idea where he had gone. We informed the client that if we were successful in locating her brother, we would need to get his consent prior to handing over any information as he may in fact not want to be found. We ran our searches and found the brother quite quickly. He had in fact moved house twice within the six-year period and he was now residing in the neighbouring country with his wife. We didn't know what to expect when we contacted the brother, but when we did he was more relieved than anything. Not because of his mother's death, but because his sister had reached out to him. He didn't know how to approach the situation and as time went on, he found it harder to confront his family so instead he just chose not to. The brother was more than happy for us to distribute his contact details to his sister which we did, and as far as we know they have been reconnected in one way or another.         


We generate detailed reports with our trace search services which are distributed upon completion of our findings. The information we gather from our enquiries consists of current and previous addresses, third party occupiers of addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and current/previous name records. The time frame for completion of trace searches is dependent on the amount of information we are provided with during the consultation period. However, generally the service is carried out quite quickly and it usually takes just a few days or up to a week to complete. Please be aware that some searches can take significantly longer should we need to look back into records from over 30 years ago (pre-online records). Relevant paper records will need to be applied for and sourced which will likely cause delays.

Sentry Investigations will at no point make themselves known to the subject of enquiry unless the client has given prior permission for us to do so. And at the same time, to protect the privacy rights of the data subject, his or her address and other personal details will not be distributed to the client unless the data subject has also given post trace consent. This is applicable to missing friends or long-lost family members (over the age of 18). Should you be tracing someone for reasons of an outstanding debt or other legal matters for example, consent is not usually required as you would have a lawful basis for needing to locate the data subject. 

If you wish to locate a family member, friend or foe and need to hire a private investigator in Birmingham at an affordable rate, get in touch with Sentry Investigations via our Contact Us page and leave it to us. As previously mentioned, our methods are very effective and we have high success rates with trace search enquiries.


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