Finding missing people

Private Investigator Trace Searches

Finding Missing People

Sentry Investigations Ltd are Birmingham based private investigators specialising in a range of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) gathering techniques, including trace searches enquiries. Whether you are looking for long-lost friends or distant family members, the chances are, we will find them. We search live and accurate data bases to pinpoint the whereabouts of people. Our trace searches are carried out through open-source public registers which non investigative persons are unlikely to be privy to. The tracing methods we utilise are non-invasive, and the process is entirely legal. In this day in age, it is very difficult to remain completely under the radar without leaving some form of digital footprint. 

Corporate Trace Searches

The corporate sector has a growing common interest for the use of private investigators. Trace searching, or 'skip tracing' is becoming a required service often for reasons of needing to locate former business partners, employees and previous associates. However, more commonly businesses require trace searches to locate people for unpaid debts (trace debtors). For example, a tradesman who was hired to refurbish a store and paid an upfront fee but then never showed up to complete the job. You as a business owner will want to know where this person is to try to either get the tradesman to work, or get your money back. Another example, and a case that we took on in 2020 was when a father owed Northamptonshire private school a large sum of money for his son's tuition fees. The father failed to pay and moved address, without notifying the school. We quite simply located the father and handed over his new address to the school. 

Corporate trace searches

Private Trace Searches

Private investigator trace searches

Private sector trace searches are generally motivated by emotion. With social media now playing a part in most people's everyday lives, it is easier than ever to reconnect with long lost family and friends. That being said, not everyone has social media accounts, especially the older generations. Also, privacy settings can completely block people from connecting. Sentry Investigations Ltd are able to conduct trace searches for reasons of needing to locate rogue tradesmen, to locate potential witnesses, to locate peoples biological parents as well as other long lost family members or friends. We were contacted by a client in 2020 who was desperately trying to locate her brother to inform him of their mother's death. She informed us that he was in his 80's, and unlikely to have a computer, let alone a Facebook account. She knew her brother had moved out of the area following a family dispute 6 years prior to making contact with us, but had no idea of his current whereabouts. We informed the client that upon locating her brother, we would need his consent prior to handing over the information as he may not even want to be found. We ran our searches and found the brother within minutes. We didn't know what to expect when we contacted him, but to our surprise, he was more relieved than anything. Not because of his mother's death, but because his sister had reached out to him. He didn't know how to approach the situation and as time went on, he found it harder and harder to confront his family. The brother gave us permission to distribute his contact details which we did. 


Sentry Investigations Ltd will at no point make themselves known to the subject of enquiry unless the client has given prior permission for us to do so. To protect the privacy rights of the data subject, his or her personal data will not be distributed unless the data subject has given post trace consent. This is applicable to missing friends or long-lost family members (over the age of 18). Should you be tracing someone for reasons of an outstanding debt or other legal matters, consent is not usually required as there is a lawful basis for needing to locate the data subject. 

If you wish to locate a family member, friend or foe and need to hire a private investigator, contact Sentry Investigations Ltd.