Price tags attached to surveillance operations across the industry can vary from one extreme to the other. We have taken this into serious consideration and have set our prices very competitively as we believe in fair pricing for investigative services. 

So, how much is it to hire a private investigator? We provide fixed rates for most investigations (please see below). The fixed rates include minor operational expenses (parking, bus tickets etc), but does not include larger expenses (overnight accommodation, admission tickets etc). You will be provided with a full quotation and terms of business prior to committing to the use of our services along with an itemised invoice highlighting terms of payment.

- Surveillance Hourly Rate - £40 (minimum 6 hours)

- Trace Searches - £50 non refundable deposit - Negative result at no additional cost - Positive result from additional £150.

- Background Checks - From £320

- TSCM Bug Sweeps - Consultation required

- GPS Vehicle/Asset Tracking Packages 

- Daily package - £160 (additional days £40) 

Weekly package - £275 (additional weeks £175) 

- Monthly package - £600 

- Quarterly package - £1600 

We ask that you contact us to discuss fees for large scale operations as there can be many aspects of an investigation to take into consideration. For example, multiple operatives may be required, tasks may require a number of hours, days, weeks or even months to complete. Large expenses may incur throughout the operation etc. We would need to know the specifics of a large scale task before we can provide an accurate quote, but we will provide a rough estimate upon request.

What do you get in return? We only deploy qualified and experienced investigators on the ground who operate discreetly and professionally. Not only are we trained and experienced, we are fully vetted by the Association of British Investigators (ABI), we are registered data controllers with Information Commissioners Office (ICO) and we hold public liability/professional indemnity insurance policies. Upon completion of all operations, edited video files are provided in high definition which are backed up with formal electronic reports complete with stills imagery and a timeline of events. If required,  professional witness statements will also be produced. 


We accept the following methods of payment...

Debit/Credit Card

We accept all major credit/debit cards with chip and pin, over the phone or link payments.

Bank Transfer

Bank transfers are accepted and when required, we will provide you with the payment account details.




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