Process serving is a necessary service usually required by law firms to ensure a subject receives certain sensitive documents. Tasks like these involve reconnaissance prior to the serve and a high level of professionalism when carrying out he serve. Sentry Investigations are highly experienced in this field and we welcome the these tasks.


The types of documents we regularly serve are as follows...

 - Court Orders

 - Statutory Demands

 - Bankruptcy Petitions 

 - Winding Up Petitions

 - Claim Forms

 - Writs

 - Citations and Summons

 - Divorce Petitions

 - Family and Children's Proceedings

 - Injunction Orders

 - Section 21 Notices

 - Section 8 Notices

 - Tenant and Landlord Lease Break Notices

If you require documents serving and need to contact and private investigator in Birmingham or surrounding counties, get in touch and we can discuss in further detail.

For a complete guide to process serving in the UK, visit the Association of British Investigators (ABI) website.


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