private investigator background checks

Private Investigator Background Checks

Background Screening 

Have you ever had the feeling when someone is talking about their past experiences, they are lying to you? This may not just be in casual conversation, but even possibly when the person is applying for a position within your company. Anyone can simply fabricate a CV, but it takes a degree of investigation to look into it. Sentry Investigations Ltd are private investigators Birmingham and we conduct in depth private investigator background checks on people who you may need to establish an understanding of. We search a whole host data bases to build clear pictures of people, thus allowing you to make informed decisions on how you wish to proceed with that person. 

Types of Search


You may already have a name for the data subject, but we can discover if he or she has any other aliases. Birth names, married names or even names changed by deed poll. Our searches also highlight any associated phone numbers, email address and linked accounts across the web.

Name tag


We can find out current and previous addresses of our data subject's. Not only that, we can acquire far more detailed information. For example, house sale prices, property descriptions, dwelling types, previous and current property occupants, deed ownership etc.

address confirmation

Credit Data

Our credit data searches give clear understandings of a data subject's financial situation. We would never be able to look into someone bank account, but we can see other information. We can see if the subject has any red flags against him or her. This will allow us to see the value of filings for any CCJ's, IVA's, DRO's or even bankruptcy petitions.

credit data

Employment History/Business Ventures

We gather information through various sources to build up a picture of past and other present employments, as well as business ventures. Often, employees fabricate reasons for departure from previously held positions, but we can uncover the truth behind reasons for departure to give you an understanding of who you are dealing with.

employment history


If a will has been executed, we can obtain copies for distribution. Wills can hold considerable value for all involved but unfortunately it is often the case that people do not allow all involved parties access to them. This could prevent parties from financial entitlements as allowed for in the will


Criminal History

We can look into a data subject's criminal past however, as this is classed as 'Criminal Data', it is only possible to do so if we have consent from data subject him or herself. If the data subject does not consent to a search of this nature as a requirement for an employment position, then the employer can make the decision whether take him or her on or not.    

criminal history

Non-Intrusive Data Searches

private investigator background checks

As private investigators, it is our job is to dig into the people's background's. This may seem pretty intrusive but our approach is classed as non-intrusive due to the way in which we legally source our data. If we can satisfy a Data Protection Impact Assessment with our reasons for carrying out private investigator background checks, then we will proceed with our enquires. If we do not get over this first hurdle, the investigation will cease there and then as we will be in breach of GDPR requirements. This may not be the outcome some clients want to hear, but we take GDPR very seriously as should all professional private investigators.

CV Searches

We thoroughly scan CV's and make in depth enquires into the validity of past experiences, qualifications, previously owned companies etc. These checks are not only limited to UK searches, but pretty much anywhere in the world. Our Open-Source Intelligence Operatives have the knowledge and skill set to obtain information through sources most people wouldn't know about or even consider. Our searches are not always necessarily business related either. Searches can be carried out on a partner or "friend" of yours to ascertain whether they have been telling you the truth about who they really are.

cv screening
Private Investigator Birmingham

If you are in any doubt regarding someone's past, contact a professional private detective firm. To hire a private investigator Birmingham, contact Sentry Investigations Ltd. We are highly effective at digging up the truth which someone may be hiding. We build up the information to give our client's a clear picture of who they are dealing with.