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Price tags attached to investigations across the industry can vary from one extreme to the other. We have taken this into serious consideration and have set our prices competitively against the market as we believe in fair pricing for investigative services. There is a common misconception with regards to the price of hiring a private investigator as many believe that it is a very expensive service to undertake. This is understandable due to the fact that the industry is unregulated and the negative press it has received over the years. The reality is that our (Sentry Investigations) services are affordable, proportionate and good value for money. We want to see our clients returning much like any other business, so are transparent about our fees from the beginning and we price our services fairly to reflect the standard of our end product.    

We often find clients looking for the cheapest private investigator they can find, and by all means you should shop around when seeking any kind of service. However, there are standard industry price ranges in the investigations sector, and if you find a private investigator offering services for well under that range, then we strongly recommend you do not associate your self with the investigator. You will more than likely find that cheap private investigators do not hold public liability or professional indemnity insurance policies, they are probably not registered with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO), which is a criminal offence, it is unlikely they have undertaken any formal training and acquired the necessary equipment to complete a job and they certainly won't be members of any professional association. Making use of a cheap tradesman may leave you with a bodged job in your kitchen, but making use of a cheap private investigator will likely put you in the dock of a court room answering to a judge for a criminal offense that your investigator has committed. It really is as serious as that these days. With GDPR and privacy laws being of such importance it is paramount that you carry out your own due diligence when seeking investigative providers. This is by ensuring the investigator has at least the bare minimal requirements to operate, and not just because he or she is the cheapest you could find. You will also find that cheap private investigators have little to no experience in the field. It goes without saying that investigations are usually conducted under serious circumstances, and the last thing you as the client wants is someone operating for you that does not know what they are doing, and are breaking laws along the way without even realising it. Experienced and well trained investigators should be able to operate on the ground alone or in a team by implementing standard practices and professionally obtaining the required evidence whilst remaining undetected. They should have good knowledge of privacy laws and GDPR requirements to ensure they implement legally sound practices at all times.    

We provide fixed rates for certain investigative services (trace searches, GPS tracker deployments etc), however we generally charge at hourly or daily rates dependent on the operation. Our services are inclusive of minor operational expenses (parking, bus tickets etc), but do not include larger expenses (overnight accommodation, admission tickets etc). You will be provided with a full quotation and terms of business prior to committing to the use of our services, along with an itemised invoice highlighting terms of payment. Investigations that require a number of different services will be offered at discounted rates to keep the cost to the client as low as possible. Again, we believe in fair pricing for investigative services and we aim to deliver positive results at a reasonable price. 

Consultations of some form are required for large scale operations as there can be many aspects of an investigation to take into consideration when planning for budgets and pricing. For example, multiple operatives may be required, extensive travel may be involved or the task could be expected to run for a number of days, weeks or even months to complete. The cost of large scale operations can quickly add up, but as previously mentioned we are happy to offer discounted rates for such operations and we seek to keep costs as low as possible when quoting for investigations.


We want to keep business moving across the West and East Midland regions, so we are pleased to offer 10% discounts off all corporate investigative services to fellow members of the Greater Birmingham Chamber of Commerce. We understand businesses are struggling at the moment for a whole host of reasons, but the cost of seeing your business go under, or take a further financial hit because of some malicious actions taken by some sinister individuals/employees will be far greater than the cost of hiring a private investigator offering a 10% discount. Business's across Birmingham and other areas are seeking assistance from corporate investigators more and more these days. This is because they are realising professional investigations are a cost effective way of resolving even the most serious of internal issues they may be having with employees, contractors or third parties. 

We only deploy qualified and experienced investigators on the ground who operate discreetly and professionally. Our credentials are verified and vetted annually by the Association of British Investigators (ABI), and we are registered Data Controllers with Information Commissioners Office (ICO). Public liability and professional indemnity insurance policies are also maintained as standard. We also regularly undertake refresher training to keep us up to date with the latest industry practices. Upon completion of all operations, edited video files are provided in high definition (where relevant) and formal detailed reports are produced. If required, professional witness statements will also be provided.  


We accept the following methods of payment...

Debit/Credit Card

We accept all major credit/debit card payments. Payments can be made in person or via a simple payment link to your smartphone or device.

Bank Transfer

Bank transfers are accepted. Payment details will be provided upon invoicing.


We accept online secure PayPal payments. PayPal account is not required. 


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