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Price tags attached to investigations across the industry can vary from one extreme to the other. We have taken this into serious consideration and have set our prices competitively against the market. We believe in fair pricing for investigative services as there is a common misconception with regards to the price of hiring a private investigator. The reality is that with Sentry Investigations, our services are affordable, and great value for money because we want to see our clients returning much like any other business. We are transparent about our fees from the beginning, and we price our private and corporate investigations fairly to reflect the services on offer.

Affordable Rates

Competitively Priced

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Price List

Private Investigator Birmingham

Surveillance Operations 

From £200 

GPS Vehicle Tracking

GPS Tracking

From £150.00

Private Detective Birmingham

Static/Unmanned Camera Deployments

From £160.00

People Tracing Birmingham

Trace Search Enquiries 

From £170.00

Private Investigator Background Checks

Background Checks

From £350.00

Office Bug Sweeps

Bug Sweeping (TSCM)


Payment Details

We offer fixed initial rates for certain investigative services (trace searches, GPS tracker deployments etc), however we generally charge at hourly or daily rates dependent on the operation. Our services are inclusive of minor operational expenses (parking, bus tickets etc), but do not include larger expenses (overnight accommodation, admission tickets etc). Clients are provided with detailed proposals, terms of business and itemised invoices prior to committing to the use of our services. Investigations that require a number of different services will be offered at discounted rates to keep the cost to the client as low as possible. Again, we believe in fair pricing for investigative services and we aim to deliver positive results at great prices. 

Discounted Rates

We want to keep business moving across the West and East Midland regions, so we are pleased to offer 10% discounts off all corporate investigative services to fellow members of the Greater Birmingham Chamber of Commerce. We are also pleased to offer 10% off all services to military veterans and NHS workers.

Payment Methods


Debit/Credit Card

We accept all major credit/debit card payments. Payments can be made in person or via a simple payment link to your smartphone or device.



We accept online secure PayPal payments. PayPal account is not required.


Bank Transfers

Bank transfers are accepted. Payment details will be provided upon invoicing.


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