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Surveillance Platforms

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Observations When a private investigator Birmingham is conducting a surveillance operation, he or she will need some form of surveillance platform in order to maintain observations onto whatever ever it is he or she is looking at. There are many types of surveillance platform, with some more common than others in the industry. Here we will lost some examples.


Vehicles are the most common type of surveillance platform. Providing the vehicle being used is suitable for the task, they can offer great cover, 360 degree fields of view, comfort for long periods, but importantly they are mobile. All professional private investigators will have a vehicle dedicated to surveillance operations. See a previous blog post of ours titled ‘Surveillance Vehicles’, where we detail the use of vehicles on surveillance operations.

Private investigator vehicles


Buildings or houses are excellent platforms for surveillance. They offer the best cover from view and they can be as comfortable as the private investigator wants them to be. As long as their is a food/water and power source to the property, observations can be maintained for ever.

Private investigator surveillance

Sub-Surface Observation Posts

A sub-surface OP is generally a surveillance platform that has been dug into the ground. These are generally built into wooded or countryside areas and be very effective if built correctly. If concealed correctly they can go completely undetected to passers by. That being said, they do require a lot of work/time to be built and maintained. Furthermore, they can be very uncomfortable to live in for long durations.

Rural surveillance

Park Bench

A park bench is a perfectly reasonable surveillance platform. They fall into the same bracket as bus stops, restaurants, cafes and bars etc. They offer a great reason for being there but they can’t be held for extended periods of time. Who sits on a park bench for 12 hours?

Park bench


Pretty much anything can be used as as surveillance platform. As long as it can be held for the duration of the operation and it doesn’t raise suspicion from either the subject or third parties.

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