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Static Camera Deployments

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

Private investigator covert cameras

Static/covert/drop and go/cellular (or whatever else you want to call them) camera’s have come a very long way over recent years, and they are proving to be highly effective at delivering the goods with our private investigations.

Our static cameras run off a long lasting battery (roughly 3 to 4 weeks) and a 4G cellular data network (no WiFi required). The camera only powers up and starts recording once the sensor is triggered by movement, but alternatively we can manually operate the camera from anywhere with our mobile phones.

Our camera deployments are also proving to be a huge cost saving for clients. Rather than deploying teams of costly surveillance operatives, a single static camera can capture all the evidence you need.

We were recently asked by a client to deploy one of our cameras in a position where it could focus mainly onto the front door of her partners house. The first day found the subject departing for work in the morning at 08:30am and returning that same evening after work at 17:30pm (nothing too exiting). On day 2 the subject left for work in the morning as per the previous day. He then returned that evening as per normal. At just after 9pm he was then seen departing again (where’s he off to?). At 11:30pm he returned home again, but he wasn’t alone... He was accompanied by a female who we knew not to be the client (naughty, naughty). We watched the typical house light succession take place to the point where we could say they were both up stairs and likely to be in bed.

At 04:30 the static camera was triggered by a taxi pulling onto the driveway. Just as it pulled on, the female exits the property and dives into the back of the cab and off she goes.

The camera was then triggered again at 08:30am by the subject as he departed for work as per normal, as if nothing had just happened.

The video footage we captured with our static camera was more than enough evidence to prove infidelity for our client. This couldn’t have ended well for all parties, but we do wish our client all the best.

If you require a private investigator Birmingham, get in touch with Sentry Investigations Ltd. We specialise in technical surveillance procedures, including static camera deployments (as explained) and GPS vehicle tracker deployments.



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