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Updated: Aug 13, 2021

Private investigator Birmingham services

The private investigations industry covers a whole host of various services designed to support clients usually in need of obtaining information about someone, or something. Depending on who the client approaches as their investigative service provider will determine whether or not that investigator can fulfil the clients wishes.

Certain professionals in the industry won’t even consider themselves as a private investigator, and will give themselves a different title. For example, a process server (someone who hand delivers documentation to a data subject). A process server will usually label themselves as just that, a process server. However, the job itself requires a level of private investigation in order to complete the tasks, which is why they generally do fall under the industry umbrella.

We often receive enquiries where we can in no way help the client. This is of no fault of the client (or ours) as most people are not privy to the levels we can legally operate at. For example, we recently received a call from a British man who had lost his passport in Panama. He wanted to know if we could find his passport through use of the chip that is embedded in the document… First and foremost, this isn’t even a thing, nor are we government agency workers. We had to politely turn that job down and directed him to the British embassy in Panama.

At Sentry Investigations Ltd, we offer various services to suite the needs of certain clientele. Amongst other services, we specialise in manned (and unmanned) surveillance operations. This service can be utilised for a very long list of reasons including suspected infidelity within a relationship, workplace injury claims, employee absenteeism the list really does go on and on.

We also specialise in desktop investigations. This can range from simple trace search enquiries to locate someone, to full background searches. A background search is an extensive search across multiple data bases (not just Google and Facebook) to build a picture of someone’s current and past dealings. Whether it be family circles, occupations, past and current residencies, credit data, court appearances, business ventures plus much more.

We do offer other services such as TSCM bug sweeps, vehicle tracking and static camera deployments. These are more specialised areas of investigative work and they prove to be highly effective during operations.

As previously mentioned, different investigators offer different specialised services. When an enquiry comes in, we endeavour to assist the client in anyway we can. Whether we complete the task ourselves, or point them in the right direction towards a different investigator. We are members of the Association of British Investigators (ABI) which is essentially the most well known and trusted professional association in the industry. If there is a job that needs doing and we can’t do it, someone in the ABI will be able to.

To discuss your investigative requirements in more detail, please get in touch and we will support you in any way we can. Often we receive calls where someone is just looking for some advice. We are always happy to take these calls to offer our advice and guidance.

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