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Localised Lockdowns

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

With Leicester coming up to its review to hopefully ease lockdown restrictions, Blackburn is potentially going to be replacing it. Every square inch of the UK is currently under the governments watchful eye with local flare ups being assessed via regional data being disseminated on a daily basis.

When areas of the U.K go into lockdown, it can only mean they are no go areas for surveillance operatives. Firstly, our own health and well being is paramount and secondly, it highly reduces the chances of us even seeing the subject with everything being closed (why leave the house?).

As much as we want to be on the ground investigating, if a town such as Blackburn goes into a local lockdown then it is simply off limits until restrictions are eased.

looking on the bright side... The rest of the UK is open for business and we will/are continuing with our investigations!

Click below for the latest BBC article regarding Blackburn’s coronavirus cases.


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