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GPS tracking devices... What a grey area for investigations these things are! Some people strongly believe they are illegal due to privacy laws (which in some parts of the world they are), and some argue they are completely legal. The truth of the matter is they are legal as long as there is a legitimate reason for using one, way they are deployed and retrieved is all above board and the data they provide is handled correctly.

First and foremost, Sentry Investigations follow guidance from the Association of British Investigators Good Practice Guide & Policy Use & Deployment of Global Positioning System (GPS) Electronic Tracking Devices.

Trackers or ‘lumps’ as they are commonly referred to as are a key piece of equipment in an Investigators tool kit. They aid in operational success by providing live locations of the vehicle or asset the investigator is following which prevents any losses of contact and ultimately putting an end to the operation.

Although trackers can hold their weight in gold, they should never be entirely relied upon. As with most things, budget trackers can be purchased at a very low cost and trackers more for professional use are generally quite expensive. But one thing we know about both is that they do on occasion fail to communicate with the server/operator. When this happens, the investigator should be able to continue on with the job and not call it a day because a tool is broken.

Many clients would rather an investigation is carried out without the use of a GPS tracker because of the implications they can create if not used correctly. These wishes must be respected and rightfully so. All it means is that the investigator now has to complete a surveillance task the way they should have been trained to...

The use of GPS tracking devices is a balancing act between getting a job done professionally and ensuring we stay on the right side of the law. This is achieved by understanding the law and being highly trained in surveillance procedures.

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