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Unregulated Industry The private investigation industry in the U.K. is known for being unregulated by any governing body. There are mixed feelings about this across the board, but our thoughts are that there should be some form of regulation or licensing to ensure private investigators are operating legally and ethically.

Professional Private Investigators Birmingham

Professional private investigators Birmingham, do of course abide by privacy and data protection laws imposed, although many cowboys out there do not. As soon as we could, we took up membership with the Association of British Investigators (ABI) to prove to our clientele that we operate with the upmost professionalism. We were asked by a new client just recently if we had any testimonials we could show her. Our response was, being a member of the ABI is a testimonial in itself (she was happy with that answer).

Seeking Approval

The ABI’s secretariat has over the years been drafting up a code of practice that all investigators in our opinion should be abiding by. The ABI is seeking approval from ICO to formalise the document, at which point we will be gunning for code membership. It will certify compliance and professionalism within the industry which is something it so desperately needs.

Latest Update on Code for P.I’s

See the latest update regarding Code for P.I’s. It details the history behind it, and how we are moving forward with the times to implement it.

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