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Updated: Aug 13, 2021

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A very recent private investigation took us out to the sticks of the country because of a male who sustained injuries following a car accident a few years ago. As a result of his injuries he was claiming big bucks for reasons of no longer being able to drive or work due to the alleged constant pain he suffers with all over his body.

On day 2 of a 2 day job, before lunch we could say with confidence that the claimant was a fraud.

Day 1 proved difficult with this claimant as we had no ID photo to go by, only a physical description. There were no suitable positions to sight an observation post (OP) to give us a direct view onto the claimant’s property, and very few places to position our selves in a trigger position without raising the attention of any third party’s or neighbours. We did get the claimants vehicle away from his property undetected but we still had no confirmation of ID. He was followed to an industrial compound backing onto a farm but the compound was private property with sign posts all over the place meaning we could not go in with him. As the vehicle arrived we saw through thick foliage a tall, heavy set man get out of the vehicle. This was the correct description, but again we still no confirmation of ID. We were forced to observe the compound across a 500 metre stretch of farm land which did not prove fruitful as the claimant kept his vehicle and him self out of view for the day. As night came in, to avoid raising any suspicions with local farmers etc, and with no hope of getting an ID on our guy, we called it a day.

Day 2 was a different story... With complete determination we managed to sight an OP in very close proximity to the home address, which gave us the perfect opportunity to obtain a positive ID on the claimant should he leave his property. He did leave his property and we quickly got the ID we so desperately needed. We also got him on film driving around town to a fuel garage to refuel, and we got him on film working at the compound with our camera zooms at full capacity stretching across the farm land.

When things fall into place for private investigators on day 2 of a job that didn’t go so well on day 1, it really does give a great sense of accomplishment. We pulled off a strong result after everything was against us day 1, and we have literally saved the client thousands of pounds from a fraudulent insurance claim.

If you need to hire a private investigator in Birmingham or the further West and East Midland regions, whether it be to evidence a cheating partner red handed, insurance fraud investigations or antisocial behaviour, whatever the reason is, contact Sentry Investigations for an effective professional investigation.

For more information, or to report suspected insurance fraud, visit the Insurance Fraud Bureau (IFB). Link below.


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