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A Long Wait - Part 2

Arrival We arrived on the job with a slightly later start on this occasion, and we did have our doubts whether we were even going to see the subject on this day. We though we were lucky to have even seen the subject on day 1 as she didn’t look the sort to get out often.

The Plan As we were fully aware of the vehicle the subject uses (every little last detail of it by this point!) we had no reason to expose ourselves and observe directly onto the property. We kept clear of the estate and covered the two route away from the house. One of us would easily have picked her up and followed I should she have come past one of us.

Long Wait That being said, our suspicions were correct… She didn’t venture out anywhere on this day so we had another ‘long wait’ until the clock ran out.

No Sighters ‘No sighters’ do happen on occasion. During the height of the Covid outbreak we rarely saw anyone! It is likely we will return to this one though, so watch this space!

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