Personal Injury Fraud Investigations Birmingham

Personal Injury Fraud Investigations

Injury Fraud in the UK

Sentry Investigations Ltd provide affective personal injury claim investigations and we have been achieving high success rates since 2013. personal injury fraud is rife across the UK, there is no other way of putting it. In 2016 alone, insurance companies put red flags on over 125,000 suspected fraudulent claims but believe there were many more that went undetected. This cost the insurance company £1.3 billion which has forced them fight back by investing over £200 million each year into investigative work. Insurers now have their own in-house teams of investigators, as well high value contracts with investigative provers who specialise medical fraudulent claims.

Fraud is a Crime

It is widely believed that insurance fraud is a victimless crime, or it only effects insurance companies. This couldn't further from the truth. Firstly, it affects the person or business you are putting the claim in against. It will damage the company's reputation as the claim could result in the company being deemed as unsafe to work for. If the claimant was involved in a vehicle collision there will undoubtedly be vehicle damage for both parties, and the third party could also be injured in the collision as well as his or her insurance premium increasing. Secondly, it puts additional workloads on the NHS or other care providers, as they will have to examine and provide unnecessary treatment for the claimant which all comes out of the tax payer's pocket. Lastly, insurance premiums will remain high across the board for the likes of honest, law abiding citizens as the cost of fraudulent market needs to be clawed back somehow.

Medical Fraud Investigations Birmingham

Consequences of Fraud

Consequences of Fraud

The consequences of submitting fraudulent personal injury claims can also create serious problems for the claimant as well. Insurance companies are clamping down on such activities, and prosecution is becoming more and more common. Fraudsters are now facing huge fines, criminal records, and potentially jail terms depending on the severity. Future job prospects are diminished because who is going to want a dishonest employee that is likely to submit a fraudulent workplace injury claim against the business? Furthermore, the claimant is unlikely to be insured by anyone in the future, and if they are, the premiums are going to be sky high for a very long period of time. The little insurance claim to make a few quid that the claimant thought wouldn't hurt anyone, could in-fact turn into a far more serious ordeal that really isn't worth it. 

Fraud Investigations

The extent at which some fraudsters go to, to fake an injury is sometimes beyond belief. Sentry Investigations specialise in fraudulent personal injury claims and we have held some of the more seasoned fraudsters bang to rights. We operate daily alongside some of the most well-known investigative companies in the UK, and we provide simply irrefutable evidence to our clients. We don't just cover a period of surveillance with these tasks, we focus on the type of injury being claimed for, which means on occasion needing to getting up close and personal with the claimant to evidence the truth, exaggerations or outright lies.


Usually the more serious the claim, the bigger the pay-out. If a claimant has submitted a claim detailing a long list of injuries, and is expecting a huge pay-out, he or she must expect the insurance company to look deep into it and invest a small amount of money into an investigation compared to the value of the claim. The claimant must also be prepared to put on a convincing show displaying his or her injuries every time he or she leaves the house. That being said, even the most convincing of shows are not very convincing. Sentry Investigations conduct surveillance operations every-day looking into personal injury fraud. We like to think we are quite good at it, so we know when someone is playing up for the cameras. Not to mention the medical experts who review the footage on behalf of the insurers. Smaller suspected fraudulent claims of lower value are still also looked into.


If an insurer suspects fraud at any level a red flag will put against the claimant's name and shared across the insurance industry. A claimant may think he or she will get away with claiming for injuries resulting in soft tissue damage to the right thumb. However, when we see the claimant texting with that thumb or carrying heavy shopping bags with the right hand, the claim is quickly thrown out, and a serious line of questioning towards the claimant will follow. The mask's often slip as well. Just because a claimant has turned a corner, or entered a building it doesn't mean we are no longer watching and the walking stick can be folded up and put away. We watch, record and detail a claimant's every move in preparedness of that mask slipping.

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 Private Investigator Services

We are private investigators Birmingham, and we offer our personal injury fraud investigative services to insurers, local councils and law firms. If your department requires a claim to be looked into, and you need to hire a private investigator in Birmingham or the further West and East Midland regions, contact Sentry Investigations. Our services have saved industries hundreds of thousands if not millions of pounds which comes at a fraction of the cost when compared to paying out for these fraudulent claims.


Personal injury fraud investigations are conducted in a similar manner to workplace injury claim investigations, only without employment laws to abide by. We essentially offer the same service at the same rates for businesses across the regions. For more information, please visit our 'Workplace Injury Claims' investigative service page or contact us directly. 

For further information or to report a suspected fraud, visit the 'Insurance Fraud Bureau's' official website.

Video Footage

In the video below, you will see what may appear to be quite comical attempts at fraudulent insurance claims. Without horrible truth is though, without the video evidence, these brazen attempts could have been pulled off with the insurance providers ruling in favour of the fraudulent claimant should the claim not be followed up with further surveillance on the individuals. Not only that, the drivers could have been faced with serious driving penalties or bans, and huge increases in insurance premiums.