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Who We Are

Sentry Investigations Ltd are Birmingham, UK based private investigators with strong foot-holds in the West and East Midland regions. We have been operating since 2013 by providing our investigative solutions to the private and corporate sectors alike. Our private investigator Northampton branch offer all types of services, from desktop enquiries to mobile surveillance operations. Our investigations are conducted confidentially, professionally and in accordance with legal and GDPR requirements.  

The Managing Director of Sentry Investigations Ltd served an extensive term of service with HM Forces (British Army) before breaking into the investigations industry. Having served on multiple operational deployments across the globe, a disciplined and experienced investigator evolved. The ethos, values and standards are the key qualities retained from the of the British Army, which Sentry Investigations Ltd hold onto proudly. 


Sentry Investigations Ltd are highly trained, experienced and motivated industry experts. We are associated with full membership with The Association of British Investigators, meaning our investigations are conducted professionally and ethically.

Northampton Information

Northampton has long been world known for its shoe manufacturing industry. Post war, most of the industry was decimated, leading to many of the old factories being converted into the housing and office accommodation. More recently, the town has been transformed into a modernised hub for large businesses including Barclays, Avon, Black Leisure Group, Nationwide and many others. This, in conjunction with the recently expanded university, and created growth and huge investment into the area. Where there is business growth, there is corporate investigation. Sentry Investigations provide corporate investigative solutions to small and large businesses across Northampton who are going through internal issues that require discreet investigations. Our corporate investigations generally involve employees who are damaging a businesses interests.  

Generally, our Northampton corporate investigations focus on fraudulent workplace injury claims, employee absenteeism, moonlighting (working for competitors) and theft. We provide effective solutions to combat these issues to allow our clients to make informed business decisions on how to proceed with said employees. 

We prove high success rates with our Northampton private investigations, and we are available now to assist you with your enquiries. 


If you require a private investigator Northampton, get in touch with us for a free 30 minute initial consultation.

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Private Detective Northampton

Private Investigator Northampton

Sentry Investigations Ltd provide effective investigations across Northampton and the further East and West Midland regions. We deliver highly professional services at competitive rates against the market. We tailor our services to the corporate and private sectors with a view of remaining flexible throughout operations. See the links below for more information regarding the professional services we offer.

Private Investigations



GPS Tracker Deployments

Trace Searches

Personal Injury Fraud

Fly Tipping Investigations

Counter Surveillance

Corporate Investigations

Workplace Injury Claims



Employee Theft

TSCM Bug Sweeps

Brand Protection

Background Checks

Visit our Case Studies page and read up on some investigations we have completed historically.

Private Investigator Prices

The cost to hire a private investigator Northampton can vary from one extreme to the other. We have taken this into serious consideration and have set our prices fairly, and competitively against the market. Ultimately, the price you pay is dependent on who you wish to seek the truth with. However, using a more expensive investigator does not necessarily mean you will be receiving a better service or a better result. We can say with confidence that we deliver highly effective and professional services at far reduced rates compared to many other investigators. We are on the approved list of investigators for The Association of British Investigators, and we uphold the professional standards required by the association. We consider our prices to be excellent value for money because we only utilise highly trained and experienced operatives to maximise our chances of successful results with our investigations. 

See our guide list of private investigator Northampton service prices. For more information visit or Pricing page or, request a quote.

Surveillance - From £225

GPS Tracker Deployments - From £150

Static Camera Deployments - From £160

Trace Searches - From £170

Background Checks - From £350

TSCM Bug Sweeps - Consultation required

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