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Sentry Investigations are based in the Jewellery Quarter in the heart of Birmingham City. We have strong footholds in the East and West Midlands and we regularly operate in the areas listed below. We have the advantage of local geographical knowledge in these areas because we can pre-empt movements and insert into known locations comfortably and discreetly.  Our operatives are local to the regions which allows for enhanced planning opportunities to aid in operational success. Should we find ourselves operating in an unfamiliar area, we conduct pre reconnaissance operations to get a feel for the location with regards to potential traffic issues, road works, rail crossing etc, and work out reference or locations the data subject is likely to visit. From a private investigators prospective, it is always helpful to have an understanding of where a subject is likely to visit, and this should be discussed during the initial consultation period. But, we understand this is not always possible and may even be the exact reason for the investigation, which is why it is so important to have knowledge of the area, and also why it should be the preference to hire a local private investigator based in Birmingham or local to wherever the operation is to take place.   

Private investigations can, and do often lead far from where the original starting point. It is not unheard to commence surveillance observations in Birmingham for example, and end up in Cornwall. Often, the private investigator on the ground will have no prior knowledge of a trip like this on a given day, but this is where the high level of professionalism and training really kicks in. We have to remain entirely flexible on operations day in, day out as there is a very real possibility of things like this happening. We are expected to remain entirely focused for long periods to avoid having a potential loss of contact on such long journeys, whilst obtaining regular film and updates to report back to the client. We must also ensure our vehicles are in tip-top condition and ready for such eventualities because breaking down or running out of fuel in the middle of a long follow is not an excuse, and it is certainly not what the client wants to hear. 

Across the UK, but across the West and East Midlands more specifically, there is an endless list of potential locations within an area that the subject could visit. We again, pride ourselves on remaining flexible and covert at all times whatever the situation may be. There are certain 'No Go' areas for us that we stay away from due to sensitivity reasons for example, schools. No private investigator should have any reason to enter or film anywhere near a school. Hospitals, entering a hospital with a data subject is classed as a breach privacy and as such we avoid entering. Funerals and other sensitive ceremonies are avoided for reasons obvious to us, but not so obvious to less professional investigators. Also, we would never under any circumstances enter a data subjects property. We are private investigators with the same entry powers as any other private citizen. We are not government agents, and we certainly do not have the same powers of entry as they do. This may seem an obvious statement, but some of the request's we receive are on occasion beyond belief. That being said, some of the laws surrounding privacy can be quite grey and could be misinterpreted. Professional private investigators will be able to clear up the jargon and give the client a clear understanding of what he or she is legally able to do should there be any confusion. We strive for, and achieve excellent results, but we do not push so far as to invade on peoples personal privacy rights. Where we do get our results from are in places that are more public, where personal privacy is not reasonably expected. Places like restaurants, bars, nightclubs or just simply on the high street. Huge levels of evidence can be compiled from these sorts of places depending on the type of investigation. For example, if you suspect your partner is having an affair, he or she will likely be seen openly accompanied with the 3rd party he or she is expected to be having an affair with. They are likely to go to a bar or restaurant for a meal, and they are likely to display signs of affection in places such as these. We can enter these public locations and obtain evidence without the issue of breaking any privacy laws. Likewise, if an employee has submitted a suspected fraudulent workplace injury claim, there is no need to enter the employees place of residence to gather evidence (nor would we ever consider it), but the employee will have to exit into a public place at some point where he or she will either show no signs of the claimed injury, will put on a show in an act of deception (which we can spot a mile off) or he or she will in fact be genuinely injured. The point is, there is ample opportunity to achieve great results on operations without the need to cross the line, break laws and invade on some ones privacy. 


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  - Corby

  - Derby

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  - Northampton

  - Wellingborough


If you need to hire a private investigator in Birmingham or the further West and East Midland regions, get in touch and we will will plan a professional private investigation with location specifics incorporated. We operate with a selective network of private investigators across the regions and throughout the UK who are vetted and approved by the Association of British Investigators (ABI). We operate with the skillset and local knowledge to achieve great results on operations with the ability to simply blend into any environment. Although surveillance and other investigations require prior planning which can be fairly time consuming, we can deploy operatives within just a few hours to the specific target location should the circumstances deem it necessary (dependent on the type of investigation and availability of specialised operatives). 


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