Private Investigator Kettering

Private Investigator Kettering

Who We Are

Sentry Investigations Ltd are Birmingham, UK based private investigators offering services across the West and East Midland regions. We have been operating since 2013 for both the private and corporate sectors through means of discreet and effective investigative services. 

The Managing Director of Sentry Investigations Ltd originates from an extensive HM Forces background, having served on operational campaigns throughout the world and across the UK. The disciplines, skills and standards acquired during the term of service formed the foundations for Sentry Investigations Ltd, which is moving from strength to strength. 


Sentry Investigations Ltd are qualified and experienced industry operatives offering all types of desktop and field agent services to the private and corporate sectors. We are proud members of The Association of British Investigators and we ensure our investigations are conducted in compliance with GDPR/Privacy Laws. Our trained operatives all stem from military, police and other government agency backgrounds.      

Kettering Information

Sentry Investigations Ltd practice all manner of private investigations across Kettering and the further East Midlands. With Kettering's bustling town centre and the high number of shops, restaurants and cafes etc, we often find ourselves operating in and amongst these local establishments.  

It's not just private investigations though... With businesses popping up all over the town, we are called upon to carry out professional corporate investigations in times of need. We have high success rates when assisting local businesses with our investigative services. Whether it a be suspected fraudulent workplace injury, or fabricated absences, we gather the irrefutable evidence businesses need to make informed decisions on how to proceed with certain employees. 

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Private Investigator Kettering

Private Detective Kettering

Private Detective Kettering

Sentry Investigations Ltd offer effective investigations across Kettering and the further East and West Midland regions. We deliver our services at competitive rates against the private investigations market, and we believe in pricing our services fairly. We offer our services to both the corporate and private sectors, and we take pride in the fact that we achieve excellent results on operations. follow the links below for more details with some of the types of investigation we take on.

Private Investigations



GPS Tracker Deployments

Trace Searches

Personal Injury Fraud

Fly Tipping Investigations

Counter Surveillance

Corporate Investigations

Workplace Injury Claims



Employee Theft

TSCM Bug Sweeps

Brand Protection

Background Checks

Visit our Case Studies page and read up on some investigations we have completed historically.

Private Investigator Prices

The price-tags attached to investigations can vary drastically but ultimately it is dependent on which investigative provider you approach. We believe in fair pricing for investigative services, and we offer our services with affordable price tags. Our prices are competitive and justified. We operate with the experience and expertise required to achieve great results on all operations. 

See below our guide list of investigation service prices. For more information please visit our Pricing page or, request a quote.

Surveillance - From £200

GPS Tracker Deployments - From £150

Static Camera Deployments - From £160

Trace Searches - From £170

Background Checks - From £300

TSCM Bug Sweeps - Consultation required

Private Investigator Kettering Prices