Professional Investigations

Sentry Investigations Ltd are specialised Birmingham based private investigators who conduct covert surveillance operations, GPS tracker deployments and many other forms of investigation. Our private investigations prove to be highly effective in uncovering hidden truths. We gather reliable evidence which naturally positions our clientele into stronger standing positions, allowing them make informed decisions on how to proceed with or findings. Sentry Investigations boast high success rates with private and corporate investigations, and we aim to continue deliverance of our services in the professional manner in which we pride ourselves on.

Please visit our Case Studies page to see some of the live cases we have investigated in the past. 

Private Investigations

Corporate Investigations

Values and Standards

 Sentry Investigations Ltd operate with strict confidentiality for all investigations. We ensure that all personal data we handle is done so in accordance with GDPR requirements. 


We ensure our investigations are legally compliant at every level. Sentry Investigations Ltd have the knowledge and expertise to conduct professional and ethical investigations whilst remaining on the right side of the law at all times.


Sentry Investigations Ltd satisfy thorough Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIA's) prior to any and all investigations. This is to ensure the investigative course of action is justified and proportionate to the nature of the allegation or concern.