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Sentry Investigations are specialised private investigators and we operate via means of covert surveillance operations and GPS tracker  deployments. We do also provide many other types of desktop investigation such as trace/debtor searches, background checks etc. Our investigations prove to be highly effective in uncovering hidden truths by producing the irrefutable evidence required for our private and corporate clientele, which naturally places them in stronger positions to make informed decisions on how to proceed with internal issues or discrepancies. Sentry Investigations boast high success rates with investigations, and we aim to continue to deliver positive results on all operations. 

Prior to our UK based investigations, the founder of Sentry Investigations served an exemplary term of service with HM Forces (British Army/Infantry). With multiple overseas operational tours in hostile environments including Iraq and Afghanistan, the professionalism and disciplines required of the  investigations industry is something that naturally evolved. UK based operations conducted by Sentry Investigations are conducted in the same manor as military operations, and although we no longer require the use of weaponry, our developed skills and practices backed up with precise planning is what differentiates us to other investigation firms. 


We operate with latest cutting edge surveillance equipment which is arguably the best in the business. First and foremost, we utilise handheld video cameras with a minimum of HD quality although 4K is the preferred option. This means our end product (surveillance video footage) is crystal clear when viewing. We also capture evidence with use of an array of covert camera systems designed to remain undetectable to the untrained eye. These cameras also provide a minimum of HD quality to provide a clear viewing experience when reviewing our evidential findings. We conduct our surveillance operations from advanced surveillance platforms (vehicles) which are kitted out for operations and remain undetectable to the untrained eye. Other operations such as bug sweeps are conducted with state of the art bug sweeping equipment to detect even the latest transmission signals being emitted from recording devices that could be discreetly hidden anywhere in your property or place of work. 


Sentry Investigations provide effective private detective services in Birmingham and surrounding counties to the private and corporate sectors. A common. reason for utilising a private investigator is to evidence suspected infidelity or cheating partners. We plan and conduct discreet operations to evidence potential infidelity claims by means of covert surveillance techniques and GPS tracker deployments. Our experienced operatives  are highly experienced in this field and we can quickly uncover whether a partner is or is not being faithful. For more information regarding infidelity investigations, please click the 'Infidelity' link listed below. 


Sentry Investigations also specialise in corporate investigative services. When a business has some internal issues that require professional evidence to settle the outcome, our services prove highly effective when seeking a resolution. Common corporate investigations are suspicious periods of employee absenteeism and fraudulent workplace injury claims. With our covert surveillance practices, we evidence whether such issues are genuine or in fact fraudulent. A service we provide that is becoming more common practice is bug sweeping, or Technical Counter Surveillance Measures (TSCM). Company secrets and other business related matters re regularly discussed in office environments, and competitors would like nothing more than to listen in on such conversations. The way competitors go about doing this is by deploying listening or other types of recording device in specific offices. This is a highly illegal practice, but it is occurring more and more often. We combat this by conducting full office sweeps with advanced technical equipment and physical searches to locate hidden recording devices, thus giving the affected company peace of mind to openly discuss future business matters. Please visit the links below for more information regarding our corporate investigative services. We offer 10% discounted rates on all corporate investigative services to fellow Greater Birmingham Chamber of Commerce members. We are the service businesses hope to never need, and we hope to see all Greater Birmingham businesses succeed, but when a local business is going through hard times for sinister reasons which are out of their control, we are here to help to get to the bottom of it.

Upon completion of surveillance investigations we distribute edited videos displaying all evidence captured throughout the operation backed up with detailed time-lined reports highlighting all occurred events . Reports are produced with stills photography and professional witness statements can be provided upon request. All evidential data (reports/footage etc) is distributed via secure encrypted means in accordance with GDPR requirements. 

Sentry Investigations hold full membership with the Association of British Investigators (ABI). In an industry that is absent of any regulating body from the government, it is imperative that you seek your investigative service providers who are affiliated to a reputable professional association. The ABI is the longest standing and well know investigations association and for good reason. All members are vetted for criminal backgrounds, qualifications, experience and levels of specialist industry knowledge. The ABI undertake annual checks on its members to ensure ICO registrations and relevant insurance policies are kept up to date as well as provide outstanding training courses, workshops and seminars to keep its members up to date with current practices, guidelines and legislation which goes far beyond any other industry association. When seeking investigative providers, it is common for clients to have a level of doubt with regards to who they are dealing with. ABI members should eliminate any level of doubt a client may be having, because we operate with experience, with professionalism and with knowledge of privacy and data protection laws thus protecting your interests when investigating.    

Please visit the links below for more detailed information regarding some of the more common types of investigation we regularly conduct. We ask that you make contact with us to discuss your specific requirements if your concern is not listed below. Investigations can, and usually do take sudden twist turns of events. For example, an investigation that originally starts out as a workplace injury claim could evolve into a moonlighting situation where things get far more serious for your business. We remain flexible on operations and have learnt through years of experience to always expect the unexpected. 



Sentry Investigations plan for operations to suit your requirements. We operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to strive for the best possible outcome on your investigation. If you need to hire a private investigator in Birmingham or surrounding areas, get in contact with us to discuss your situation.  


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