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Initial Consultation

Free of Charge Consultations 

All investigations require some form of initial consultation prior to commencement. Inclusive of our private investigator Birmingham services, we offer a free 30 minute consultation period (hourly rates apply beyond 30 minutes) with absolutely no obligation to commit to the use of our services. Private detective services can have many aspects and details to consider, and as such it is imperative that all known details are disclosed during the consultation period. This is to allow us to plan effectively and provide the most suitable investigative service to achieve the desired outcome on operations. 

To get an idea of some of the live investigations we have conducted in the past, visit our Case Studies page for a list of examples. We explain the case details from beginning to end, starting with the task (or clients situation), followed by the method of investigation and concluding with the outcome of the investigation.  

Key Information

Birmingham private investigators often operate with very little information to start out with. We have to work with what we've got, but the more information we are provided with during the consultation period, the more effective we can be on the ground. We will be asking plenty of questions, but the most important details we need are as follows... 


Private detectives Birmingham must, by law be able to justify the reasoning as to why we are being asked to investigate someone and process his or her personal data.

Justice Scales


We must have a starting point. Whether it be a residential address, a place of work or a known frequently visited location.

Address Investigations


Having an idea of who a data subject associates with, and where he or she is likely to go at any given time can be very useful to an investigation.

Investigting Associates and Routines


We need to know first and last names, previous names, physical description (including age, hair colour, build etc). A recent ID photo is always very helpful, but not essential.



We usually work out any associated vehicles quite quickly at the start of any investigation, but if this information can be provided initially, it is always very usefull.

Vehicle Investigations Birmingham


If a data subject has previously been under investigation and is aware of such activities, it is imperative that this is disclosed at consultation.

Surveillance Awareness


Budgets are an important topic of discussion at consultation for obvious reasons. We are open, honest and fair with regards to how we price our services, and we aim to accommodate your investigation within your allocated budget. We offer our private investigation services with no hidden fee's, and we issue itemised quotations with proposals prior to commencement of our investigations. For more information regarding our service prices, please visit our 'Pricing' page.

Private Investigation Budgets
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Birmingham Private Investigator Consultations

If you need to hire a private investigator Birmingham or the further West and East Midland regions, then get in touch with Sentry Investigations Ltd to arrange a free, no obligation 30 minute consultation. We understand the worries you may have with regards to contacting a private investigator, and we can assure you that you are not the first. We pride ourselves in the manner in which we conduct our private and corporate investigations, and we look forward to hearing from you.