All investigations require some form of initial consultation prior to commencement. This is completely free of charge with absolutely no obligation to commit to the use of our services. One of the key areas of discussion during the consultation is whether the investigation is even feasible. Many potential operations do not make it past the starting line for a number of reasons... The client may not have a legitimate interest as to why they wish for an investigation to be conducted on someone. Or, the practices they wish for us to use may be illegal. We as responsible and compliant private investigators must be completely satisfied as to the purpose of the investigation, and where necessary we will seek advice from the Association of British Investigators (ABI). There are some practices that are often considered to be 'grey areas'. For example, the deployment of GPS vehicle tracking devices. There are laws we must abide by in order to remain legally compliant with the use of such devices and other services. We are very familiar with the laws surrounding private and corporate investigations, and we have the knowledge to enable us to advise our clients on what is legally feasible.


Private and corporate investigations can have many aspects and details to consider, and as such it is imperative that all known details are disclosed during the consultation period. This is to allow us to plan effectively and provide the most suitable investigative service to achieve the desired outcome on operations. Failing to provide key details during consultations could cause some serious implications further down the line. For example, you may want a period of surveillance to be conducted on your suspected cheating partner, and you know that he or she is aware or suspicious of any potential investigations. Failing to disclose this key information could result in the investigator being compromised whilst on task. If this information is provided at the beginning, we can plan accordingly and tread much more cautiously when observing your partner. We understand you may be in a state of distress, but we advise writing every detail down (discreetly) prior to contacting a private investigator. This will ensure you have noted every detail that you believe will be beneficial to the investigator. 

Initial consultations can in certain circumstances be an uncomfortable stage in the investigation process. You may have been feeling quite apprehensive about even contacting a private investigator. Furthermore, you will be required to explain to someone that you don't know some sensitive information that is likely to be personally affecting you. This is most common with infidelity investigations. It takes courage to speak to someone about your suspicions as you may be feeling upset, confused, angry or nervous. Sentry Investigations are well practiced with such sensitive investigations, and we treat these cases with the upmost sensitivity. We understand the situation you find yourself in, and we want to give you the reassurance you need whilst providing a professional and effective investigative service. 

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Our consultations are held with absolute discretion and via the preferred method dictated by the client. We can plan an operation simply via Email, text message, over the phone or even in person should the client wish. All future correspondents will continue via the clients preferred method. There are many reasons why we leave this decision to the client, but most importantly, communications can be intercepted by the data subject which will put an end to the investigation before it has even started. Phone calls could be listened in on, Email accounts could have shared access or worse, the data subject could have the clients Email account log in details without his or her knowledge. The client could in fact be under surveillance which would cause huge problems if a consultation was conducted in a public place. Methods of consultation will be a natural consideration for the client and will be thought out prior to even contacting a private investigator. We want maintain a secure line of communication with client's throughout certain operations as a priority as it can be integral to aiding in operational success, or the prevention of things going wrong. 


Initial consultations consist of a series of questions to give us a clear understanding of the situation. The details of the investigation must also under GDPR requirements satisfy a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA). We need to make it clear from the start that there must be a legitimate and legally sound interest behind the purpose of the private or corporate investigation where personal data is going to be gathered, stored and distributed. Updating procedures will also be discussed but we generally we aim to keep our clients well informed at every step of the way and we fully understand that with certain investigations, clients will naturally want to know exactly what is happening on the ground. Budgets are an obvious topic of discussion at consultation. We are open, honest and fair with regards to how we price our services, and we try to accommodate your investigation within your allocated budget. Consultations are not only questions from us. They are a two-way conversation and we welcome your questions in return. We want both sides to be absolutely clear with the investigation details, and we want our clients to be entirely satisfied with our services.


If you believe you need to hire a private investigator in Birmingham or the further West and East Midland regions, then get in touch with Sentry Investigations to arrange a free, no obligation initial consultation. We understand the worries you may have with regards to contacting a private investigator, and we can assure you that you are not the first. We pride ourselves in the manner in which we conduct our private and corporate investigations, and we strive to go above and beyond for a clientele. 

To understand more about the private and corporate investigation services Sentry Investigations has to offer, please visit our 'Investigative Service' page for further details. We operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and we plan our operations effectively to suit your requirements.


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