Cheating partners wreak havoc within relationships. Whether it's a spouse of 20 years or a partner of 5 minutes, trust was instilled into the relationship and breaking that trust can create endless misery for the affected partner. The statistics behind infidelity cases are damming to say the least... Believe it or not, Windsor is the naughtiest town in the UK when it comes to adultery. It is believed over 1500 people in this town alone regularly play away from home. With the price of divorce proceedings threatening financial ruin for most couples across the country, it may just seem easier and even exciting to have an affair rather than work on fixing an unhappy relationship. Unfaithful partners quickly forget the commitment they made on their wedding day and they deserve to be found out. The act of adultery is deceiving, cowardice and shameful and the affected husband or wife at home has every right to to know what is going on. 

Sentry Investigations treat cases like these with absolute sensitivity as we are fully aware of what the affected person is going through. We would very much like to prove a partners innocence however, if you have that gut feeling, signs of infidelity are becoming apparent and you have got to the point of calling in a private investigator, then unfortunately we are more than likely going to provide you with evidence you do not necessarily want to see...

We can hold our initial consultation very discreetly without the worry of the suspected cheating partner becoming aware. A period of surveillance will be conducted on the subject detailing his or her every movement whilst logging and obtaining video evidence of all third parties he or she comes into contact with. You will be kept informed on what is happening on the operation as we are also aware this could be a nerve wracking experience for you.

If you are up against an unfaithful spouse and you are struggling to prove it, get in touch with us. We utilise discreet professionals to evidence any wrong doing by use of covert surveillance and deployments of GPS vehicle trackers. 

To find out more about the UK's infidelity problem read The Mirror online article.




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