Cheating partners wreak havoc within relationships. Whether it's a spouse of 20 years or a partner of 5 minutes, trust was instilled into the relationship and breaking that trust can create endless misery for the affected partner and or family. With the price of divorce proceedings threatening financial ruin for most couples across the country, it may just seem easier, or even exciting to secretly have an affair rather than work on fixing a relationship that's breaking down. Unfaithful partners quickly forget the commitment's they made on their wedding day, and they deserve to be found out. The act of adultery is deceiving, cowardice and shameful and the affected husband or wife at home has every right to know what's going on. 

Sentry Investigations treat cases like these with absolute sensitivity as we are fully aware of what the affected person is going through. We would very much like to prove a partner's innocence however, if you have that gut wrenching feeling, signs of infidelity are becoming apparent and you have got to the point of calling in the private investigators, then unfortunately we are more than likely going to provide you with evidence you do not necessarily want to see...

Our private detective services in Birmingham and surrounding counties are inclusive of initial consultations very discreetly without the worry of the suspected cheating partner becoming aware. A period of surveillance will be conducted on the subject detailing his or her every movement whilst logging and obtaining video evidence of all third parties he or she comes into contact with. You will be kept informed on what is happening on the operation every step of the way as we are also aware this could be a nerve-wracking experience for you.


You are likely to be having some serious suspicions that your partner is being unfaithful (otherwise you wouldn't be visiting a private investigators 'Infidelity' page). For that reason, we have listed below some of the tell tail signs that your partner is playing away for you to be looking out for or may have even already noticed.


Has your partners work pattern changed suddenly? This may be completely genuine but your partner will need to stick to this change rigorously if his intentions are sinister as well as continuing to work his or her actual hours. Your partner will need to tread extremely carefully if he or she does go down this route as a simple phone call to his or her place of work when he or she is allegedly working could be all the evidence you need


Are you suddenly seeing a decrease of how much money is in your joint bank account? Are you seeing lots of cash withdrawals from cash machines with no convincing reasons to back them up? It costs a lot of money to have an affair, dinners, drinks, hotels, gifts etc. It all adds up and even single transactions can be very pricy. Keep an eye on your finances and scrutinise where every penny is going. If you don't have a joint bank account, test the waters and ask your partner by asking to go out for a nice dinner, or a weekend away. If your partner then can't afford it, ask him or her why. Where has all your money gone?


In this day in age, most affairs are revealed by the cheatings partner's phone behaviour. Is your partner hiding his or her phone? Has the password recently been changed to something you are not privy to? Does he or she not like you looking at his or her phone? Does he or she place the phone down with the screen facing down to avoid you seeing any potentially sinister messages that may pop up? Does your partner disguise phone contacts with names to throw you off? Are there quite blatantly messages on the phone that instantly prove infidelity? Does your partners phone location history show some visits to some places out of the ordinary? There are many to look out for with a cheating partner's phone behaviour and they can be quite easily spotted if you do have any suspicions. 


Has your partner recently changed his or her appearance? Again, this may be nothing to worry about, and he or she may well have done it to impress you. However, when taking some of the other points on board, your partner may be trying to impress someone else... If your partner has grown a beard you have been clear a thousand times that you don't like beards, then this may sound some alarm bells. Likewise, if you prefer blonds and she knows it but then dyes her hair brown, this may raise some questions. Again, this may not be a total confirmation as your partner may just want to update his or her appearance, but it's just one to look out for.


This is a pretty clear-cut point that will naturally raise some direct questioning. Where are you spending all of your time? Because it's not with me! Your partner will need a lot of excuses to keep up this behaviour and the smallest of mistakes on his or her behalf will reveal the affair. Especially if children are involved, why would a mother or father spend so much time away from home for no good reason rather than spending that time with his or her children? 


If your partner is suddenly showing signs of not even caring any more, then his mind may be elsewhere. He or she may be holding your hand or kissing your differently, or not showing you signs of affection at all. These are common signs of someone who is thinking of someone else. You may find that rather than your partner trying to resolve a major or minor argument, he or she may just give up, give in or walk out. Someone who is devoted to you will show passion and a willingness, someone who is playing away simply won't.


If you are up against an unfaithful spouse and you need to hire a private investigator in Birmingham or surrounding counties, get in touch with us. We utilise discreet professional agents to evidence any wrong doing with use of advanced covert surveillance tactics and deployments of GPS vehicle trackers. 


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