Infidelity investigators Birmingham

Infidelity Investigations

Cheating Partners Investigations

Infidelity wreaks havoc within relationships. Whether it's a spouse of 20 years or a partner of 5 minutes, trust was instilled into the relationship. However, breaking that trust can create endless misery for the affected partner and family. With the price of divorce proceedings threatening financial ruin for most couples across the UK, it may just seem easier, or even exciting to engage in extramarital affairs rather than working on fixing the meaningful relationship. Unfaithful partners quickly forget the commitment's they made on their wedding day, and they deserve to be found out. The act of adultery is deceiving, cowardice and shameful. The affected husband or wife at home has every right to know what's going on. 

Our private detective Birmingham services cover many areas of the trade, including cheating partner investigations. The surveillance and GPS tracker deployments we practice are highly effective and discreet ways of proving infidelity within a relationship.  We deploy experienced surveillance operatives to gather the essential evidence needed in order to prove exactly what is happening when partners are playing away.

Extramarital Affairs

Sentry Investigations Ltd treat infidelity investigations with absolute sensitivity. We know full well what the affected person is going through, and we want to ensure the process of investigation doesn't cause any further distress. We would very much like to prove a partner's innocence. However, if a client has that gut wrenching feeling, and has got to the point of calling a private investigator Birmingham, then unfortunately we are more than likely going to provide some damning evidence.

Cheating partner investigations

Discreet Services

Our private investigator Birmingham services are inclusive of discreet consultations without the worry of the suspected cheating partner becoming aware. A period of mobile surveillance is likely to be required in order to evidence a partner playing away.  Our clients are kept informed every step of the way, as we are also aware this is likely to be a nerve-wracking experience.

Signs of a Cheating Partner 
Signs of a cheating partner

Change of Working Hours

Has your partners work pattern changed suddenly? This may be completely genuine but your partner will need to stick to this change rigorously if his intentions are sinister, as well as continuing to work his or her actual hours.

Hire a Private Detective Birmingham

If you are up against an unfaithful spouse and you need to hire a private detective Birmingham, Contact us and get it professionally looked into. We utilise discreet private investigators to evidence any wrong doing with the use of advanced covert surveillance tactics and GPS tracking techniques.