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GPS Vehicle Tracking


Sentry Investigations Ltd are highly effective private detectives Birmingham (and surrounding counties). We operate through means of covert surveillance, and GPS vehicle tracker deployments. Whether you are dealing with a suspected cheating partner or an employee who is up to no good, we have a solution for you. Sentry Investigations are highly trained private investigators who have perfected the art of covert GPS tracker deployments.

Benefits of Trackers

The key benefits of using vehicle trackers are down to the assistance they provide in maintaining contact with the subject vehicle without the issue of having a loss on task. They are also deployed quickly and discreetly as well as remaining in position for weeks, if not months on end without the need to be recharged. Furthermore, GPS vehicle trackers are a far more cost-effective way of completing certain objectives than the deployment of manned surveillance.


Please note that a GPS tracker will only provide detailed movements of a vehicle and not the movements of the subject once he or she has departed from the vehicle. Assessments and further consultation may be necessary should manned surveillance be required.

Cost Affective 



GPS Vehicle Tracking

Suitable GPS Tracking Operations


A GPS vehicle tracker is the near perfect solution to get the answers you may desperately be seeking. Our private investigators Birmingham use GPS tracking services to provide live location updates, and to pinpoint exactly where your suspected cheating partner is, and has been over the course of deployment. The evidence a tracker provides may be more than enough to prove infidelity however, manned surveillance may also be required to gather the video footage of the affair as further proof. 

Drug Abuse

The deployment of a tracking device on a persons vehicle who is suspected of drug abuse will quickly dispute the lies that have been fed over time. A tracker will highlight where the subject has been, whether at a well-known drug hot spot or even a drug dealers house. The evidence is clear, and it will likely raise some serious questions with some uncomfortable answers in return.

Gambling Addiction

Family members who are addicted to gambling will stop at nothing to cover the fact that they are blowing money and savings on bets. Although a GPS tracker can't monitor your families online gambling presence, it does monitor any trips taken to any local or not so local betting shops.   

Employee Theft

If you suspect theft within your workplace, a GPS tracker is a useful aid to surveillance when pinpointing exactly where and when your employee is using his or her vehicle to transport the company owned items. Private investigator tracking services are the perfect supplement to these types of corporate investigations. 

Breach of Contract

GPS vehicle trackers are a useful tool to assist with surveillance operations when investigating employees suspected of being in breach of contract, or taking suspicious levels of unexplained or fabricated absences. An employee maybe claiming that he or she is unwell and needs a few days off, if you have your doubts a GPS tracker could aid in discovery of your employee actually meeting with your clients in an attempt to poach and set up in competition.  

High Value Assets 

You may simply want to keep an eye on the movements of high your high value assets. If you are shipping an expensive car, boat, jewellery or any other item domestically or abroad, it is wise to keep track of it at every step of the way to ensure nothing untoward happens to it. A GPS tracker is the perfect solution and will eliminate any level of worry during transit as you will know exactly where it is at all times.

Tracking Prices
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Our private investigator Birmingham tracking services are offered at daily or weekly rates, but we understand the sensitiveness behind GPS tracking devices, so we remain flexible with operational requirements. Please visit our 'Pricing' page for more details. 

If you have any questions or concerns about the use of trackers, please feel free to contact us. Alternatively, you can visit our Blog covering the legality of such devices posted on 17th July 2020.