Seeking the truth through means of covert surveillance may seem hugely daunting and will naturally raise many questions in itself. Although all questions will be answered during the initial consultation, we have put together some of the frequently asked questions you may be asking your self...

QUESTION - What do private investigators do?

ANSWER - There are many fields to private investigations for example, polygraph tests, background checks, people tracing etc. Sentry Investigations specialises in covert surveillance.

QUESTION - How do I become a private investigator?

ANSWER - Firstly you need to decide which field of investigation you wish to pursue. Whether it be surveillance, tracing, background checks with open source intelligence (OSINT) etc. You then need to entirely devote your self to the profession by regularly undertaking training courses and obtaining qualifications, working live cases, acquiring the correct kit and equipment. It is not a part time job by any means, it is a full time profession as per most professions and you will need to put everything into it to make a success of it.


QUESTION - Is surveillance legal?

ANSWER - Yes, surveillance is legal however is does come with legal boundaries which Sentry Investigations adhere to on all accounts.


QUESTION - Do private investigators require a license? 

ANSWER - No, at present operatives do not require a license but the Security Industry Authority (SIA) is expected to impose regulation in the future. The current legal requirement is that operatives are registered as data controllers with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) which we of course are. 


QUESTION - What happens if the surveillance operative is compromised?

ANSWER - This is the worst case scenario and will only ever happen on a very rare occasion. If however this does happen, the client will be refunded bar incurred operational expenses. 


QUESTION - What happens if the surveillance operative loses the subject?

ANSWER - Losing the subject is never ideal as it is just as frustrating for the surveillance operative as it is for the client. That being said, having a loss does happen from time to time and the client will still be required to pay for the time spent on the operation prior to the loss occurring. 


QUESTION - How will I know what is happening on the operation?

ANSWER - Clients will be given brief updates throughout the operation with a full disclosure of footage and written reports upon completion. 


QUESTION - How long does a surveillance operation take?

ANSWER - Answering this has many factors to consider (deadlines, budgets, evidence obtained etc) and will vary from operation to operation, but all Sentry Investigations operations proceed at a minimum of 6 hours.


QUESTION - I am not sure if I need surveillance for this but can you tell me if I do?

ANSWER - We have listed a number of our services available on the services page but if what you are looking for is not listed then get in touch and we discuss in more detail.


QUESTION - How do I set up a private investigation?

ANSWER - The first step is to get in contact with us and conduct the initial consultation. Then just sit back, leave the rest to us and wait for the truth to come to you! 

QUESTION - How do I hire a private investigator?

ANSWER - Visit our Contact Us page with all of the details. 

See below a quick video for all those interested in becoming a private investigator explaining the minimum qualification expected (not mandatory) to be held.


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