All surveillance operations require some form of initial consultation prior to observations commencing. This is completely free of charge with absolutely no obligation to commit to the use of our services. One of the key areas of discussion during the consultation is whether the investigation is even feasible. Many potential operations do not make it past the starting line for a number of reasons... The client may not have a legitimate interest as to why they wish for an investigation to be conducted on someone. Or, the practices they wish for us to use may be illegal. We as responsible investigators must be completely satisfied as to the purpose of the investigation and where necessary we will seek advice from the Association of British Investigators (ABI). To get a better understanding of the types of investigations we conduct, visit our Investigative Services page.


We hold discreet consultations which can be conducted via Email, over the phone, in a coffee shop etc. This decision is entirely up to you. All future correspondents will continue via your preferred method.


The meeting will consist of a series of questions about the subject to aid in operational success and to satisfy a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) as required under GPDR requirements. All other relevant matters including updating procedures, budgets, questions etc will be discussed and agreed upon at this point.


If you are looking to hire a private investigator in Birmingham, then make contact with us to arrange a consultation. We understand the worries you may have with regards to contacting a private investigator, but we are highly professional operatives and we treat every case as confidential. 


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