Fly tipping investigations

Fly Tipping Investigations

Fly Tipping Concerns

Fly tipping is of huge annoyance to anyone affected by it, not the mention the environmental impact it has. The perpetrators involved have no regard for anyone when carrying out such acts, and unfortunately it is not a top priority for police forces and local councils. The Environment Agency are responsible for clearing up large scale fly tips on public land, but it's usually down to the public, or landowner to clean it up if it's on private land. This will ultimately could cost a great deal of money which could amount up to hundreds or even thousands, and it will also cost a great deal of time to sort out. For the year of 2018 to 2019, local authorities across England received over 1 million reports of fly tipping which was an increase of 8% from its previous year. Sentry Investigations Ltd are here to help, and we prevent further fly tipping occurrences happening in the future. Fly tippers are becoming more brazen with the way they are doings things now as well. It is not uncommon for them to pull over on the side of motorways, A roads or even residential roads in their vans full of waste, (commercial or domestic) and just dump it at any time of day or night.

Combatting Fly Tippers

Fly tippers often return to known sites to dump their waste if they know they can get away with it. This gives us a great chance of catching the repeat offenders, or even the chancers in the act of doing so.


Sentry Investigations Ltd are a private detective firm based in Birmingham with coverage across the West Midlands. We are trained and practiced in the art of concealed camera deployments. We operate with discreet cellular data security camera systems which can be covertly deployed anywhere without the need for WiFi or a power source. The cameras operate 24/7 whilst providing crisp high-definition day and night recording capabilities. We receive instant notifications and a live video feed as the fly tipping act is taking place. Our covert cameras backed up with our knowledge of camera concealment's produce the evidence you need to bring the fly tippers to justice.


Justice is pretty brutal under these circumstances, and rightly so. On the spot fines of up to £400 can be given to households that handover their domestic waste to unlicensed waste carriers. If fly tippers are convicted at a Magistrates Court, they can receive up to a £50,000 fine or 12 months behind bars. If fly tippers are convicted at a Crown Court, they can receive an unlimited fine and up to 5 years in prison. The consequences for fly tipping are huge, but they are only effective if the perpetrators are caught out. Authorities will either need to catch the fly tipping in progress, or they will need substantial evidence to pursue the matter. Our camera systems can be deployed for weeks, if not months on end. They will sit and wait patiently for fly tippers to come along, and they will take care of business by capturing everything on film at the right moment. Our investigations are also effective at discovering the level of the fly tip. Whether it be just a lazy inconsiderate household dumping their waste opportunistically, or whether it's far more sinister with an element of criminal organisation behind it.

Covert cameras

Effective Investigating

Fly tipping Birmingham

Without the deployment of covert camera's, catching out fly tippers can be very 'hit and miss', not to mention very expensive. The expense alone sometimes does justify the cost of clearing up the tip, which is why it is recommended to make use of our static cameras. In absence of these camera's, another alternative would be to conduct  manned surveillance operations. Operations like these would be required to run around the clock, so you can see why it's so expensive. Not only that, fly tips often occur in discreet, hidden away places making it very difficult for a surveillance operative to maintain observations undetected. A surveillance operative will only be able to cover a single area if operating alone, but multiple camera systems can be deployed to cover much greater areas of concern at a fraction of the cost. Should a surveillance operative be detected during a fly tip, his or her safety will also very likely be at risk for obvious reasons.


In the highly unlikely event, a covert camera is detected, the fly tipper will either keep it (and give us more evidence), or destroy it. We can deal with either as cameras can be replaced. The personal safety of our investigator's is paramount, and we will always operate in the most effective way as long as our operatives, clients and general public are safe from harm. A picture paints a thousand words, and our video evidence speaks volumes.

Evidence Gathering

Our private investigator Birmingham camera deployment operations have proven hugely successful over the years, as they provide clear cut evidence to hand over to local authorities. We often provide our Fly Tipping investigative services to private landowners that have fallen victim on a fly tip in an area which is rarely visited or monitored. These sorts of areas are easy pickings for fly tippers, but just as easy for us to catch them in the act. Our Fly Tipping investigations provide the evidence listed below in the form of a formal report, an edited video file and a professional witness statement.




Number of perpetrators 


Vehicle details


Formal report


Stills imagery


Fly tipped materials/items


Time/Date stamped video footage


Captured audio


Timeline of events 


Professional witness statements

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If fly tipping is personally affecting you, and you need to hire a private investigator Birmingham, then get in touch and let us put an end to it.

For further guidance around fly tipping legislation, visit Fly Tipping Council Responsibilities.