Fly tipping is of huge annoyance to anyone affected by it. The perpetrators involved have no regard for anyone when carrying out such practices and unfortunately, it is not a top priority for police forces. This usually means it is down to councils, the public or the landowner to clean it up, which ultimately could cost hundreds or even thousands of pounds. Sentry Investigations are here to help with this issue to prevent further fly tipping happening in the future.


Fly tippers like to return to known sites to dump their waste which means there is a good chance of catching them in the act. Sentry Investigations have mastered the art of concealed camera deployments and invested heavily into cellular security camera systems can be covertly deployed anywhere without the need for WiFi or a power source. The cameras operate 24/7 whilst providing crisp high definition day time footage and excellent night time capability boasting Starlight technology. We receive instant notifications and a live video feed as the criminal act is taking place. This will provide you with evidence and identification of the perpetrators you need to take the matter to the authorities. Our camera systems can be deployed for weeks if not months on end which is a huge reduction in cost compared to physical surveillance. The methods we employ also mean there is no requirement for you to become physically involved when it comes to confronting the the fly tippers which potentially keeps you out of harms way.

Our static camera deployment operations have proven hugely successful over the years as they provide clear cut evidence to hand over to the local authorities. This evidence includes the following...


- Identifications

- Vehicle makes/models/colours/registrations

- Items being dumped

- Time/Date stamped footage

- Formal report

- Professional witness statements


If fly tipping is personally affecting you and you need to contact a private investigator in Birmingham or surrounding areas, then get in touch and let us put an end to it.

Visit Birmingham City Council to report any fly tipping incidents.

See below what Wolverhampton Council are doing to combat fly tippers, it's satisfying to say the least.


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