In the UK, employee theft costs businesses more than £190 million every year. Can your business survive knowing that your employees are stealing from you? In most cases small low value items are stolen; a stapler for example. But in other cases it is far more sinister with prior planning in place to steal high value items right from under the bosses nose. 

Businesses are desperately trying to combat this with some effective theft prevention practices in place. For example, CCTV in the workplace, metal detectors at warehouse exits, random percentage searches at the end of shifts etc. These practices will only achieve so much with criminals always finding a way around these measures.

Sentry Investigations can embed undercover operatives into the workplace to provide clear evidence of who is committing theft and to what scale. There may be more than one person involved operating as a team with a ringleader managing his own workforce of thieves. The operation doesn't stop within the workplace though. You may want to know what is actually happening with your stock, at which point we will deploy mobile surveillance operatives to evidence where it is going. It may be kept for their own personal use, or it may be sold on the black market for the thieves to make their own profits. Furthermore, there may be witnesses which will need to interviewed professionally with witness statements produced. Our highly trained covert operatives will be in the thick of the investigation by discreetly compiling irrefutable evidence for you to be in a position to make an informed decision on how to proceed.

If you suspect or know full well your business is being robbed by your employees and you need to hire a private investigator in Birmingham or surrounding counties, do something about it and call in the professionals from Sentry Investigations.

To find out more about where you stand when dealing with an employee who is suspected of stealing from your business, visit The Crown Prosecution (CPS) website.


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