Employee theft investigations

Employee Theft Investigations

UK Business Theft

Sentry Investigations Ltd offer professional, covert private investigations which provide clear evidence into suspected theft in the work place. Our private investigators Birmingham operate through means mobile surveillance and undercover operations. We support corporate sector businesses by seeking the truth behind the suspected thefts. In the UK, employee theft costs businesses more than £190 million every year. Can your business survive knowing that your employees are stealing from you? In most cases small, low value items are targeted. But, in other cases it is far more sinister with prior planning in place to steal items of a far higher value.

Three Types of Thief

The Lazy Thief

The lazy thief is more of an opportunist thief. He or she will take items of high or low value if it is deemed low risk, and without much thought. This thief is likely to be less experienced but will jump at the chance if the opportunity arises. If there are few security measures in place, this is where the lazy thief will be operating. The lazy thief will also make plenty of mistakes along the way, making it easier for him or her to be caught should it be investigated. 

Warehouse thief

The Greedy Thief

If it's shiny, the greedy thief will take it. Although more experienced than the lazy thief, the sheer greediness will be the demise of this thief. One he or she has gotten away with it a few times, the greedy thief won't be able to help him or herself when opportunities arises again. Even with security measures in place, the greedy thief will just carry on. The greedy thief, being more experienced will make fewer mistakes, but will trip up somewhere along the line.

Golden eggs

The Professional Thief

The professional thief is the most experienced of them all. This thief will assess the security measures and weigh up the risk worth reward. This one may even conduct some form of reconnaissance and have a planned route for handling the stolen goods. The professional thief will make very few mistakes, making him or her somewhat difficult to catch out.      

Warehouse CCTV

The Fight Against Theft

Security procedures

Businesses are desperately trying to combat theft with some effective  methods of prevention. For example, CCTV in the workplace, random percentage searches etc. However, these security measures will only achieve so much. Staff should know exactly where CCTV cameras are installed in the workplace, as it is a requirement under employment law when monitoring employees. Percentage searches are only affective if the thief is actually searched.

Sentry Investigations Ltd deploy undercover surveillance operatives into the workplace to actually witness and evidence the thefts taking place. We operate with discreet, covert cameras to capture the thief's every movement.

Undercover Operations

Sentry Investigations Ltd embed undercover private investigators into the workplace to provide clear evidence of who is committing theft, and on what scale. The operation doesn't stop within the workplace though. You may want to know what is actually happening with your stock. We continue with the investigation and deploy mobile surveillance operatives to evidence where it is going. Our highly trained covert operatives will be in the thick of the investigation. They discreetly compile irrefutable evidence to place the business owner in an empowered position to take action against employees suspected of theft.

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If you suspect your business is subject to theft by your employees, and you need to hire a private investigator Birmingham, contact Sentry Investigations Ltd. Our corporate investigation services are conducted professionally and at very competitive rates against the market. To view our price list, please visit our 'Pricing' page.

To find out more about where you stand when dealing with an employee who is suspected of stealing from your business, visit The Crown Prosecution (CPS) website.