With GDPR now in full swing, protecting peoples data has never been so important. Sentry Investigations takes the Data Protection Act very seriously and as such we ensure our data handling procedures are compliant with current regulations.

Private investigators handle personal and sensitive data on a regular basis purely due to the nature of the job. As full members of the Association of the British Investigators, we are forever reminded of the importance of handling data correctly and we are required to regularly undertake refresher training on the subject. 


To remain compliant with GDPR requirements we ensure a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) is satisfactorily completed prior to any and all investigations. All personal data is distributed via secure encrypted means and is stored electronically with password protections. All subject data is held for as long as necessary but no longer than two years. For auditing purposes, records of data are held electronically with password protection, and any subjects personal data within the record is destroyed as and when necessary. Data destruction certificates are completed by any and all data processors upon deletion of any held personal data.


Please feel free to download and view our Data Protection Policy and supporting documents. 




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