Counter surveillance investigations

Counter Surveillance Investigations

Are You Being Investigated?

Do you suspect you are under surveillance? Are you looking for a private investigator Birmingham to confirm your suspicions? Sentry Investigations Ltd deploy trained surveillance operatives who are highly skilled in counter surveillance practices to confirm or confute your suspicions. Trained surveillance operatives will go unnoticed by the regular public so it takes one to know one! Trained surveillance operatives know what signs to look out for, and are able to spot operatives without giving themselves away. 

Counter Surveillance Operations

Sentry Investigations Ltd drop in teams of private investigators to identify any surveillance operation being conducted in the area, but more specifically, who the operation is focused on. We can determine how many surveillance operatives are in the team, who the operatives are, what vehicles they are using and what equipment they are operating with. We identify and evidence all of our findings with stills or video imagery without being identified ourselves. Surveillance operatives are well tuned into their surroundings on operations, and it does take a high degree of training and expertise to remain covert as a counter surveillance operative.

Counter surveillance operations

TSCM Bug Sweeps

Bug sweeping services

Counter surveillance may also involve private investigator bug sweeping services to search for audio or video recording devices. Whether a device has been hidden within your place of residence, your vehicle or place of work, we as private detectives will locate it. Recording devices (or bugs) must be investigated professionally to eliminate any potential threats. Bug sweeping is also known as Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM), and Sentry Investigations Ltd offer these services tailored to your requirements. There is no one size fits all approach for TSCM services because properties come in all shapes and sizes. This means a bug sweep could take a few hours or a few days to complete.  For more information regarding our TSCM services, please visit our 'Bug Sweeps' page. 

Protecting the Client

Counter surveillance operations are never taken lightly (no operation is), as a compromise for a counter surveillance operative could have serious consequences for the client. With Sentry Investigations Ltd, you can be assured we have the correct skill-set to get to the bottom any surveillance operations being carried out against you. Confirmation of a counter surveillance operation against you will allow you to make informed decisions on how you wish to proceed with the situation, but ultimately put an end to it.

You may be asking yourself, why would I be under surveillance? There are perfectly legitimate reasons for being under surveillance, but unfortunately on occasion the legitimacy is just not there. We have put together below a short list of potential reason as to why you may be unlawfully subject to a surveillance operation. The list is just a few examples, and we do always recommend seeking further advice if you have legitimate concerns. 

Paranoid Partner

You may have a partner who works away and just simply does not trust you. He or she may not be around to keep an eye on you, and as such it is not uncommon for surveillance teams to be called in to be that watchful eye. Unless your partner suspects infidelity or illegal activity is taking place with good cause for example, then there is no reasons for you to fall subject of such activities. This practice is borderline stalking and it should be stopped in its tracks. 

Paranoid partner


Under employment law, it is illegal for an employer to place an employee under surveillance without her or her knowledge or unless there is a legitimate interest. Whether it be for legal or contractual reasons, the employer must reasonably suspect the employee has done something to justify placing him or her under surveillance. If you as an employee are confident you have no reason as to why you should be under surveillance but believe you are, then it is worth exploring the possibility of a counter surveillance operation in defence of your employer. 



No legitimate private investigator that operates professionally will willingly take on a task to stalk somebody on behalf of a client. However, there is nothing stopping the client from fabricating the reasons to the private investigator as to why he or she wants to put somebody under surveillance. We as private investigators conduct our own due diligence with certain enquiries, but no one is perfect. There are some very deceiving people out there who actively stalk others for their own warped agendas. 

Hire a Private Investigator

If you suspect a surveillance operation is being conducted against you and you urgently need to hire a professional Birmingham based private investigator, contact Sentry Investigations Ltd. We will rapidly form a professional counter surveillance operation conducted by highly skilled operatives to confirm your suspicions.

To discuss your concerns in more detail and to understand the solutions we provide in regards to counter surveillance operations, contact us directly via Email at, or by telephone on 01217691626 or 07730695853.