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Do you suspect you are under surveillance? Are you looking for a private investigator to confirm your suspicions? Sentry Investigations deploy trained surveillance operatives who are highly skilled in counter surveillance practices to confirm or confute your suspicions. Trained surveillance operatives will go unnoticed by the regular public, or they will be noticed but disregarded. It takes one to know one... As surveillance operatives, we know what signs to look out for and we are able to spot operatives without giving our selves away. 

We can drop in teams or solo operating private investigators to identify any surveillance operations being conducted in the area and more specifically, who the operation is focused on, how many surveillance operatives are in the team, who the operatives are, which vehicles they are using, what equipment they are operating with etc. We can identify and evidence all of this with stills and video imagery without being identified our selves. Surveillance operatives are well tuned into their surroundings on operations, and it does take a high degree of expertise to remain covert as a counter surveillance operative.

Counter surveillance may also involve bug sweeping for audio or video recording devices deployed on or inside your property. This is also known as Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM). For more information regarding our TSCM services, please visit our Bug Sweeping page. 


Operations like these are never taken lightly (no operation is) as a compromise for a counter surveillance operative could have serious consequences for the client. With Sentry Investigations, you can be assured we have the expertise to get to the bottom any surveillance operations being carried out against you which will allow you to make informed decisions on how you wish to proceed. If you suspect surveillance is in operation against you and you need urgently need to hire a private investigator in Birmingham or surrounding counties, contact us and we will rapidly form a counter surveillance operation to confirm your suspicions.


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