Private Investigator Corby

Private Investigator Corby

Who We Are

Sentry Investigations Ltd are Birmingham based private investigators with coverage across Corby and the further East and West Midland regions. We have been operating since 2013 by assisting both the private and corporate sectors alike with our discreet, confidential investigative services.

The Managing Director of Sentry Investigations Ltd originated from an extensive term of service with HM Forces (British Army). Having served operationally across the world and throughout the UK, professionalism, discipline and relevant skillsets developed which naturally transferred over to the investigations industry. 


Sentry Investigations Ltd are highly trained, qualified and experienced investigative professionals, offering a wide range of service to the corporate and private sectors. We are proudly on the approved members list of investigators for The Association of British Investigators, meaning our investigations are conducted ethically and lawfully on all accounts.

Corby Information

Corby is one of the main towns situated in North Northamptonshire. It proves to have the fastest growing population in the county which comes as no surprise with the huge investment recently pumped into the town centre and surrounding areas. 

Sentry Investigations Ltd have high success rates with our Corby operations. The rapid redevelopment of the town has led us to many required corporate investigations in the local area. Our corporate investigations in Corby generally involve workplace injury claims, employee theft and even industrial espionage cases.

We are private investigators Corby offering our effective services at affordable rates. Whether you are trying to locate a long-lost relative, you suspect infidelity in your relationship, or you have just received a suspicious workplace injury claim, we have the skills and experience to get to the bottom of it.

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Corby private investigator

Private Detective Corby

Private investigator Corby

Sentry Investigations Ltd offer professional investigations across Corby and the further East and West Midlands. We provide our professional services at competitive rates against the market, as we believe in fair pricing for investigative services in Corby. We conduct our investigations for both the corporate and private sectors, and we pride ourselves on the effective solutions we deliver on operations. Visit the links below for more information regarding some of the types of investigation we regularly practice.

Private Investigations



GPS Tracker Deployments

Trace Searches

Personal Injury Fraud

Fly Tipping Investigations

Counter Surveillance

Corporate Investigations

Workplace Injury Claims



Employee Theft

TSCM Bug Sweeps

Brand Protection

Background Checks

Visit our Case Studies page to see some of the live investigations we have conducted in past.

Private Investigator Prices

The price on an Investigation can vary  dependent on who you choose as a service provider. Sentry Investigations Ltd believe investigative work should not break the bank, and as such we have set our prices competitively against the industry market. Our rates are good value for money as we operate with vast experience and a skill-set that is desired upon by most other investigators.

See below a rough guide to investigative service prices. Visit our Pricing page for further information of request a quote.

Surveillance - From £225

GPS Tracker Deployments - From £150

Static Camera Deployments - From £160

Trace Searches - From £170

Background Checks - From £350

TSCM Bug Sweeps - Consultation required

Private investigator Corby prices