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Why Choose Sentry Investigations Ltd?

Why choose us over other investigative service providers? First and foremost, Sentry Investigations Ltd are proud of the professional manner in which our private investigators Birmingham operate. We are highly trained and qualified in our investigative fields, and we are approved investigative service providers by the Association of British Investigators (ABI), the most well recognised and trusted professional association in the UK. Sentry Investigations Ltd are registered data controllers with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO), as well as trained/practiced in GDPR compliance procedures. Our private investigations prove highly successful for both the private and corporate sectors, and work with our clientele to achieve the best possible results. Furthermore, we offer our investigative services at rates that are truly competitive against the market to ensure we are delivering results at the best prices.

Get In Touch

 If you require the services of a private investigator Birmingham, drop us an email with a brief description of your enquiry, and we will respond with advice on how best to proceed. Contacting private detectives for whatever reason can be seen as a daunting prospect. It is often the case that callers are nervous when contacting us, and can feel uneasy about explaining sensitive situations to us. However, we quickly provide the reassurances needed to understand that we operate with professionalism, and in strict confidentiality at all times.

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What Do Private Investigators Do?

Over the years, Sentry Investigations Ltd have been involved with some very interesting cases to say the least. They range from in industrial espionage investigations, to infidelity investigations, to in-depth background searches. Visit our Case Studies page to see some of the typical private investigations we undertake. For data protection reasons, we do not disclose names or specific locations of our operations. Furthermore, we regularly update our Blog to give visitors an idea of what we get up to from day to day. The investigations industry has forever been considered a mysterious trade, and some quite unsavoury investigators have certainly tarnished the professional work we do. However, we want to eliminate any of the misconceptions out there and give our visitors a good understanding of the benefits of a private investigator that operates by the book. 

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