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What if you were going through the financial arrangements of a divorce and you ex partner was hiding substantial assets? What if your ex partner had a new partner and was in fact now residing with him or her without telling you in order to favour his or her side of the divorce settlement? This is a very common occurrence due to the fact that everyone wants to be better off once a divorce is done a dusted. This is where a cohabitation investigation is absolutely necessary and clear evidence is required to prove such instances. The courts try to make divorce settlements as fair and as reasonable as possible to both sides involved, but there are a lot of factors to take into consideration, and when one side is hiding valuable assets or living arrangements, it can hugely affect the outcome of the settlement to the other side. 

For example, if you your partner was claiming that he or she needs 50% of the settlement to cover all future costs including a place to live, but withheld the fact that he or she was now living with someone that is also paying towards rent, food, utilities, council tax etc, then it would be unfair to you who is now since the separation having to cover all the aforementioned outgoings on your own. It is a common deceptive practice for ex partners to cover up new joint living arrangements as he or she does not want to reduce the percentage of his or settlement.


This is where we come in... Firstly, to evidence cohabitation you will need a third party to provide the proof (private investigator) as it will be deemed a conflict of interest if you try to obtain the evidence your self and will ultimately be disregarded during proceedings. Our methods have high success rates with cases like these as the evidence is often very clear cut. We provide video and photographic imagery backed up with detailed reports and precise timings that correlate to our findings. If cohabitation is taking place during a divorce, our investigations generally paint a clear picture of this happening. We evidence how often the new partner is on the scene, what vehicles they are using, if the new partner is staying over at night etc. Ex partners also love to flash the cash and show off their assets to new partners that you may not have even known about. This can be very beneficial to you during divorce proceedings as you essentially own 50% of such assets. 

The concealment of assets is also a very common practice during divorce proceedings especially when high value items are involved. A partner may own additional properties that you were potentially unaware of. The same goes for items such as vehicles, jewellery, land etc. You have an entitlement to a percentage of such items but you will need to be aware of them. You may be completely unaware possessions such as these, but our investigations can quickly bring them to light.  


We understand that divorces can become quite messy and heated at the best of times which is why it's always a good idea to protect your self financially, especially if you suspect your ex partner is secretly cohabiting with a new partner or hiding valuable assets. For the sake of what it costs to hire a private investigator for a few days, you could save your self a hugely substantial sum of money in the long run. The evidence we often provide can be quite damning to your previous partner, and it can also raise a lot of emotion for you. To view evidence of a previous long term partner now living with a new partner as you previously did can cause some distress. We like to remind our clients that our evidence (however tragic it is), is for the benefit of their financial future which is of huge importance for obvious reasons.

Divorce settlements become even more complex when there are children involved. If you win full custody of your ex partner's and your children you will now need to provide for them on your own financially. This will prove to be a huge burden to you as you will essentially lose 50% of your support. If your ex partner is secretly cohabiting or hiding assets, then this is not only unfair on your situation, it is deceptive to his or her own children which we consider to be utterly shameful. Settlements should be fair and considerations need to be made for all parties directly involved. This absolutely involves your children and other dependants so neither party should be trying to conceal assets or current living arrangements.

Previous partners can be quite savvy when it comes to hiding assets, and they can be taking advice from legal professionals to be careful with what they put on show. This can make investigations somewhat tricky but it only takes one mistake, or one drive in that fancy car, or one visit to the hidden property, or one flash night out wearing the expensive jewellery for us to evidence it and rightfully reduce their part of the settlement. We plan and operate covertly which proves highly effective with our cohabitation investigations to naturally allow the evidence to come rolling in. However savvy your previous partner may or may not be, he or she will at some point reveal the hidden assets, and we will be right there to capture everything on film.


If you do suspect cohabitation is taking place, or your previous partner is hiding assets and you need to contact a private investigator in Birmingham or surrounding counties, then get in touch with us today. We deploy highly trained surveillance teams within just a few hours to gather the essential evidence you need. The use of private investigators may be completely new to you, we agree that it is not common practice to even consider using one but we can assure we are practices are entirely legal and we follow guidance and good practice policies by the Association of British Investigators (ABI).


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