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People often question "How do private investigators operate?" Or, "What do private investigators do?" There are many aspects to being a private investigator, and we all specialise in our desired fields. Sentry Investigations specialises in covert surveillance which can be used for a very long list of reasons. We have put together a few examples of operations that we have conducted  over the years to get an idea of what we actually do on the ground. If after this you are still wondering if you need contact a private investigator in Birmingham or surrounding areas, just send us a message with your query and we will be happy to answer any of your questions.

JUNE 2020

TASK - To establish whether a male painter and decorator was back at work and at what level following a vehicle collision and claiming through the insured drivers policy that he was unable to work consecutive days for no more than 3 to 4 hours per day due to chronic pain in his arms and back. Noted - Prior observations had been conducted on the subject without success due to loss of contact during mobile follow procedures.

SOLUTION - To conduct three consecutive days of mobile surveillance on the subject to evidence his daily routines. The surveillance team consisted of two operatives to reduce the possibility of losing site of the subject.

OUTCOME - On all three days of surveillance the subject was observed unloading and loading painting and decorating materials from the back of his pickup truck and into a total of X3 different properties. Time logged evidence proved the subject was working an average of 10 hour days. He displayed no signs of physical incapability and appeared fit for work. The subjects claim was proved fraudulent.  


TASK - To establish evidence of moonlighting (working for competitors) of a solicitor (specialising in PPI claims) who was at the time suspended without pay by his employer (law firm) pending an investigation for suspected theft of a large sum of money.

SOLUTION - To conduct three days of surveillance to establish whether the subject is working for competitors.

OUTCOME - During the course of the 3 days, the subject was followed to an office complex and was found to be running his own law firm specialising in PPI claims which was in direct competition of his employer.  


TASK - To establish evidence of a male suspected of infidelity who has previously been known for committing such acts. The male was under surveillance when previously suspected and the client did disclose the video evidence to him upon completion of the task.


SOLUTION - To conduct surveillance on an evening when the subject is due to have a night out with a friend with the knowledge of the subject being surveillance aware.


OUTCOME -  The subject did in fact go on a night out with a friend however, two females met with the subject and his friend, which led to a bar crawl across the town and all four parties becoming extremely intoxicated. Throughout the evening, the subject was observed passionately kissing one of the females on a number of occasions before checking into a local hotel with her after last orders. The subject proved infidelity (again).


JUNE 2017

TASK  - To establish independent evidence of the claimants physical capabilities, level of mobility functioning, social interaction and general day-to-day activities in relation to an insurance claim where the subject was in fact involved in a road traffic collision. She now states she is wheelchair bound, rarely ventures out of her property and feels anxious in busy environments, which contradicts medical statements provided by the GP.

SOLUTION - To conduct three days of surveillance on the subject from her home address to prove validity of the claim.

OUTCOME - All three days of surveillance found the claimant to walk without aid away from the home address and into the local town where she met with a friend on 2 occasions at a coffee shop, and did some clothes shopping on her own on the third occasion. The subjects claim was void.


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