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Sentry Investigations Ltd offer Technical Surveillance Counter Measure (TSCM) bug sweep services within our range of private investigator Birmingham, and private investigator UK services. Whether you suspect a recording device has been planted your place of work, home, vehicle or any other property, we have an effective solution to clear your property of any suspect devices.   

Corporate Bug Sweeps

In the corporate world, trade secrets are what keep businesses alive. Discussions and office meetings with certain clients may be highly confidential and also highly valuable to other competitors. There are many ways for competitors to infiltrate business offices, and it is fairly simple to deploy a recording device. They come in all shapes and sizes but more often than not, they are very discreet. There are many nooks and cranny's within an office to hide a recording device, and it will require the services of a private detective to locate it. 

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Although it is highly unlikely for an unwelcomed intruder to deploy a recording device in your personal property (although not unheard of), someone a bit closer to home who you have actually invited inside could have deployed such a device. These things do happen for an endless list of reasons and you should check for your own peace of mind to protect your privacy. With recording devices being so small these days, it is very easy to hide one in an unsuspecting area of your property. 

Hiding Places

Recording devices are typically very small in size, can be hidden pretty much anywhere and they usually deployed in a concealed manor where not visible to the naked eye. Dependent on the type of device being used, as long as they can pick up the required signal (3G, 4G WiFi etc.) they will be effective. Most bug sweeps require specific frequency detecting equipment to locate hidden devices


We have put together a list of common places bugs are deployed where you can see why a bug sweep carried out by a private investigator Birmingham should be considered. This list is by no means exhaustive as there are many ways to conceal and hide a recording device in your home, office, vehicle or any other property.

Ceiling Voids

Bug deployments in ceiling voids is a common place in office environments as the ceilings are generally made from lightweight tiles which can be raised to gain access. To person who deploys the device will pretty much have access to the entire ceiling void making in very difficult for an untrained and unequipped investigator to locate it.

Ceiling voids

Plug Sockets

Plug sockets are very discreet places to hide small bugs as they generally require a screwdriver to gain access to them. Homes and offices have multiple sockets on all floors again making it difficult for an untrained and unequipped investigator to locate a hidden device. 

Plug sockets

Floor Boards

Under the floor boards is a perfect place to deploy a listening device. Rolling a corner of carpet up and lifting a single floor board to drop in a device is a straight forward job however it could create some disturbance and sign that something has happened in the specific area of the room if not carried out correctly.

Floor boards

Book Shelves

A book on a book shelf could quite simply have a camera fitted to the spine. Alarm clocks are now being manufactured with a camera lenses installed behind the clock face. These every-day items that can be placed on a book shelf are becoming more and more common. They are often used as a form of security, but they are also used for more sinister intentions as well.

Book shelves


Using furniture to conceal a bug is a quick method of deployment and it can leave the bug exposed to the naked eye. Deploying the bug under a desk or chair for example would define the bug as concealed, but it only requires a quick look under such places to locate the device. A bug could however be deployed inside a sofa which would be a far more effective concealment.


Fire Alarms

Much like the every-day items as previously mentioned, bugs are now being purposely built into the fire or smoke alarms. It will be quite simple to remove an existing alarm and replace it with bugged one without you even noticing it. 

fire alarms
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