Whether it be a corporate or personal issue, your office or home may have been bugged with a listening or video recording device. Sentry Investigations are here to protect your privacy. 

In the corporate world, trade secrets are what keep businesses alive. Discussions and office meetings with certain clients may be highly confidential and also highly valuable to other competitors. There are many ways for competitors to infiltrate business offices and also fairly simple to deploy a listening or video recording device. They come in all shapes and sizes but more often than not, they are very discreet and well hidden. 

Likewise, although it is highly unlikely for an unwelcomed intruder to deploy a device in your personal property (although not unheard of), someone a bit closer to home who you have actually invited inside could have deployed such a device. Maybe a close friend, partner or even a family member. These things do happen for an endless list of reasons and you should check for your own peace of mind to protect your privacy.


We can deploy an operative or a team of operatives to conduct a full bug sweep of your office, home, vehicle or wherever you suspect a device may have been deployed. We use highly trained investigators who utilise state of the art bug sweeping equipment to ensure no stone has been left un-turned.  

To hire a hire a private investigator in Birmingham to conduct a bug sweep anywhere in the UK, contact Sentry Investigations.


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