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Companies go to great lengths to protect their brand from the counterfeit or black markets. Not only does it take time and effort to build a brand, it usually costs from a lot, to a hell of a lot of money to build a brand. Counterfeit manufactures can replicate goods (for example a pair of high end trainers) for a fraction of the cost to produce with no marketing costs, no design costs, plus all the other costs involved, and then sell them on for almost retail price. And to top it off, the replica's are virtually identical to the real thing! It is not wonder big brands are fighting back against this criminal activity by utilising private investigators.


We will have all seen counterfeit goods at markets and probably even purchased something. But what you are buying into is not only a cheap pair of trainers, you are indirectly funding a modern day slave trade which shouldn't sit well with any morally correct human being. 


Sentry Investigations deploy operatives to markets suspected of being involved with the selling counterfeit products. We covertly evidence the sales of such items before trailing the retailers back to where ever the stock is being stored. This usually leads onto the bigger players in the game who genuine brands would love to bring to justice. 


You may be a big brand or a small business worried about illegal counterfeiters replicating your ideas. If this is the case, you need to call in the private investigators. Sentry Investigations are trained and efficient in tracing counterfeit goods and products back to their place of origin, which ultimately leads to the end of illegal counterfeit operations. 


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