Counterfeit Markets

Brand Protection Investigations

Counterfeit Markets

Sentry Investigations Ltd work closely with businesses to protect their brand and products from counterfeit markets. Not only does it take time and effort to build a brand, it costs huge sums of money. Counterfeit manufactures can replicate goods (for example a pair of high-end trainers) at very low cost and with very few overheads compared to legitimate businesses. Counterfeit goods these days are also very convincing which in turn is very appealing to punters when being sold at a fraction of the cost compared to the genuine items. We offer effective surveillance and other private investigation services to evidence counterfeit items being sold on the black markets, and disrupt manufacturing supply lines. 

We've All Done It

We will have all seen counterfeit goods at markets and probably even purchased something. But what you are buying into is not only a cheap pair of trainers, you are indirectly funding a modern-day slave trade which shouldn't sit well with any morally correct human being.


Police forces have been clamping down on the illegal trade over the years however, the sheer scale of the problem means counterfeit goods are constantly making their way to market.


Sentry Investigations Ltd provide effective investigations into counterfeit trading by gathering evidence from the point of sale right back to the point of manufacturing. Our investigations identify all parties involved which ultimately holds them to account for their actions.  

Hire a Private Investigator Birmingham

Hire a Private Investigator

You may be a big brand or a small business worried about illegal counterfeiters replicating your ideas. If this is the case, you need to call in the private investigators Birmingham. Sentry Investigations Ltd are trained and efficient in tracing counterfeit goods back to their place of origin which ultimately puts a stop to black market supply lines.

If your business is under threat from counterfeiting, get in touch with us today. We offer our services at reasonable rates against the investigations market and we pride ourselves on the effectiveness of our operations.

See the short video below at how simple it is to get hold of knock off items from counterfeit retailers. These items are being sold at a fraction of the cost of genuine items which has a huge financial impact on legitimate businesses.