Benefit payments are provided to people by the government who are in genuine need of support. That being said, there are many people out there who abuse the system and receive payments fraudulently. 

Income support is a big one... Joe bloggs is claiming income support as he cannot find work, no matter how many CV's he sends out. Or so he says... Mr Bloggs is actually working cash in hand as a labourer for a local builder earning a fair amount of money. With his benefit payment on top, he is earning quite a substantial amount of money. 

Council tax support is also an issue in the UK. Jane Doe claims she cannot afford her council tax payments as she is not in work and is struggling to pay the bills. Turns out, Ms Doe is doing bar work in the evenings and a cleaning job in the mornings.

Sounds unfair on those who genuinely cannot find work and are struggling to make ends meat. If you suspect someone is committing benefit fraud, get in touch and we will conduct a thorough investigation into what is really going on. Our highly trained surveillance operatives gather irrefutable evidence with cases like these which put a stop to the benefit payments and in some instances lead to prosecutions.

To contact a private investigator in Birmingham for deployment anywhere in the UK, contact Sentry Investigations.


See below a short documentary on how some people are cheating the benefits system.


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