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Have you ever had the feeling when someone is talking about their past experiences, they are lying to you? This may not just be in casual conversation, but even possibly when that person is applying for a position within your company. Anyone can write down on a CV that they have previous astronaut experience and he or she carried out some general maintenance on the International Space Centre 8 years ago. They may even tell you they were previously in a position of CEO for a multi-million pound company. Worst of all, you may believe him or her...

Our job is to dig into the peoples background's. This may seem pretty intrusive but our approach is entirely professional but most importantly, legal. Before we conduct any searches, the first thing we do is check to see if we have the data subjects consent. If the searches are being conducted as pre-employment screening then chances are we do have consent. If we do not have consent, we ensure there is a legitimate reason for the searches to be carried out and we assess this by firstly completing a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA). If we can satisfy the DPIA with our reasons for carrying out the searches then we will proceed. If we do not get over this first hurdle, the investigation will cease there and then as we will be in breach of GDPR requirements. This may not be the outcome some clients want to hear, but we take GDPR very seriously as should all professional organisations. 

We thoroughly scan CV's and make in depth enquires into the validity of past experiences, qualifications, previously owned companies etc. These checks are not only limited to UK searches, but pretty much anywhere in the world. Our Open Source Intelligence operatives have the knowledge and skill set to obtain information through sources most people wouldn't know about or even consider. Our searches are not always necessarily business related either. Searches can be carried out on a partner or "friend" of yours to ascertain whether they have been telling you the truth about who they really are.


If you are in any doubt regarding someone's past, our private detective services in Birmingham and surrounding areas are highly affective at digging up the truth that someone may be hiding. 

Please note... We, or any other private investigator can only conduct a criminal background with the subject's consent as it is classed as criminal offence data. Failure to obtain consent prior to the check is in itself a criminal offence. 


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