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Antisocial Behaviour Investigations

Antisocial Behaviour

Sentry Investigations Ltd are specialised private detectives Birmingham who specialise in Antisocial Behaviour Investigations. Our methods are dependent on the types of behaviours taking place, and our solutions to be put an end to the issues prove highly effective.


Antisocial behaviour is defined as behaviour by a person which causes, or is likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress to persons not of the same household of the person (Antisocial Behaviour Act 2003 and Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act 2011).

We have all seen antisocial behaviour taking place at some point on the streets, and many behaviours can be considered as antisocial, especially when they are happening in residential areas.

Public Drinking

Drinking alcohol is not an issue in many respects, however it is becoming less tolerated. Those who drink in public tend to be highly intoxicated and quickly become a nuisance to the public. Rowdiness, aggression and other forms of crime are usually the result of drinking in public which is understandably why people are getting sick of it.

Nuisance Drinking Investigations

Loud Noise

Loud Neighbour Investigations

When someone complains of loud noise coming from a neighbour or a vehicle belonging to a neighbour, it could be deemed as being petty. However, when it is happening all night, every night, you can see why people want it to stop. Often, people have no consideration for their neighbour's, and quite simply do not care if people have to get up early for work in the morning or young children are being prevented from sleeping etc. We find that when there is loud music persistently coming from a neighbour, it is usually accompanied by alcohol or drugs. Approaching the neighbour with concerns about music volumes could lead to a barrage of abuse, or even violence at the door step.


Graffiti has been a problem since paint was invented. What may seem like a work of art to the graffiti artist, is usually a complete eye-sore to others. More often than not, graffiti artist tag areas where people are not usually around (rail lines, bridges, underpasses). However, when a property owner's back fence, house car or any other property is spray painted, it can leave the owner feeling violated. The owner will no doubt be the person having to clean it up as well.

Antisocial Behaviour Investigations
Litter Investigations

There are many parts of the UK with huge litter problems. It is beggar's belief that people today still think it's acceptable to drop litter wherever they feel like it, and that it doesn't affect anyone. Littering creates an eyesore, it damages the environment, it laziness and some poor sole has to clean it up. Once a piece of litter has been dropped in a certain area, it causes others to follow suit. Before you know it, the area is completely full of rubbish, and the likes of local residents are either cleaning it up themselves, or paying someone to come and do it for them.


Loitering is a typical example of what teenager's (not always, but most of the time) get up to. It is not an offence for people to meet up in large groups and hang around, but it is what they get up to when they do. Silly behaviour, such as vandalism, verbal abuse, trespassing often stem from loitering which local residents unfortunately have to put up with.

Confronting these issues can be a very intimidating and potentially dangerous if handled incorrectly, and much like most other crimes, the police are too stretched to deal with them efficiently and as they taking place. Antisocial behaviour is a public annoyance and can lead to regular law-abiding citizens in fear of leaving their own homes. This is obviously not acceptable and needs to be dealt with accordingly. 

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Evidence Gathering

Sentry Investigations Ltd covertly evidence antisocial behaviour in areas where you believe it is taking place, making it easy pickings for the police to act upon the perpetrators and restoring peace in your community. On most occasions the police rely on CCTV to catch out perpetrators but there are two main reasons why CCTV is not always effective.


1) CCTV is not everywhere. Local criminals are fully aware of where the CCTV cameras are their area and unfortunately, they are clever enough to avoid them.

2) CCTV video imagery is grainy at the best of times making it very difficult to identify who the perpetrators are.

Hire a Private Investigator Birmingham

To hire a private investigator in Birmingham or neighbouring counties who deploy with the most advanced covert recording equipment in the industry, get in touch with Sentry Investigations Ltd. We provide clear cut evidence backed up with formal reports and witness statements ready to be handed over to the police. All the police then have to do is make the arrests.  

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