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Private Investigator Birmingham

Sentry Investigations Ltd are Birmingham based private investigators offering professional, yet affordable services across the West and East Midland regions.  


We specialise in private and corporate investigations with discretion at the forefront of everything we do. Our industry practices prove to be highly successful in achieving exceptional results on operations, which ultimately delivers the essential evidence to uncover hidden truths for our clientele.


We offer a wide range of investigative services including trace search enquiries, background checks, surveillance operations and TSCM bug sweeps, GPS tracker deployments and more.


Our services are entirely confidential and we operate 24/7 to meet our client's requirements.


If you require a private investigator Birmingham, contact Sentry Investigations Ltd today to arrange your free initial consultation.

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Private Investigators Birmingham

Private Investigations

Our private investigations are planned and conducted for a whole host of reasons, but they generally involve family or relationship problems. Clients often wish to find out if partners are having extramarital affairs, and they contact us to conduct cheating partner investigations. On occasion, cases like these actually prove a partner's innocence. However, more often than not, if it has got to the point of seeking the assistance, and wanting to hire a private investigator Birmingham, then unfortunately we tend to produce evidence client's do not necessarily want to see. Sentry Investigations are proud of the professional memberships held with various associations, including The Association of British Investigators (ABI). When seeking investigative service providers it is essential to ensure that your private investigator operates legally and ethically. ABI vetted members extinguish any level doubt client's may have, as our investigations are conducted in compliance with privacy laws and GDPR requirements.  


Infidelity Investigations Birmingham


Cohabitation Investigations Birmingham

Trace Searches

Trace Search Investigations Birmingham

GPS Tracking

GPS Vehicle Tracking

Background Checks

Background Checks

Corporate Investigations 

 Sentry Investigations Ltd are a private detective firm Birmingham, and we offer corporate investigations to the local and surrounding regions. Our services reach out to businesses across Birmingham, and the further West and East Midland regions. As fellow members of the Greater Birmingham Chamber of Commerce we want to see businesses succeeding in the area. We are here to assist any business that is going through internal issues that require discreet and professional corporate investigations. Over the years, we have prevented local businesses from huge financial losses, as well as damages that could have been detrimental for the future of their operations. We operate with strict confidentiality, and we remain compliant with GDPR requirements throughout. Get in touch with us today should your company be in need of an effective corporate investigation. 

Workplace Injury Claims

Workplace Injury Claim Investigations


Corporate Investigations Birmingham


Moonlighting Investigations Birmingham

TSCM Bug Sweeps

Bug Sweep Investigations

Employee Theft

Employee Theft Investigations
Corporate Investigator Bimingham

Private Detective Services

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Association of British Investigators

Association of British Investigators

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